Justin Timerlake

Justin Timberlake’s “In Time” trailer sets up a tense drama set in a nightmarish future. A future where no one ages past 25. After 25, each days time is a currency that keeps them alive. Earn enough and live another day, earn too little and watch your timer hit 0000000 and die. Earn enough and you could live forever.

It’s Logan’s run on crack. Justin Timberlake is making that move reminiscent of Wil Smith in the 80’s and 90’s. From Music Star to Movie Star, Justin is making all the right moves to position himself as a serious player in Hollywood. It’s just about time for him to start taking on more serious roles that might garner Academy Award attention.

What do you think?

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Yogi Bear Teaser Steals Your Picnic Basket


I was skeptical about a movie being made about the classic cartoon character of Yogi Bear.

But, when I heard that Dan Akroyd was cast as the voice of Yogi, I nodded and I said to myself that “it could work.” When Justin Timerblake was cast as the voice of Boo-Boo, I got concerned.

And now that I have seen the teaser trailer, I am convinced by inner child just died a little out of sheer embarrassment.

The CGI/live action mix looks fake (while it is supposed to seamlessly blend, like Lord of the Rings), it is in 3D (which is already becoming a boring fad), and the acting of the characters seems as wooden as the trees in Jellystone Park. Even Anna Faris, who is a brilliant comedic actress, appears to regret the job.

The best part of the teaser? I am surprised to admit that Timberlake actually pulls off an impressive Boo-Boo! Meanwhile, Akroyd does is best Yogi impression, but it does not seem natural. It sounds like an impression, which for a main character in a movie, is not the best idea.

Lastly, the release date of December 17th makes me extremely happy fellow nerds, as it will be “derezzed” by the other big film coming out that week – Tron: Legacy.

Based on this teaser trailer, which one will you line up for?