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Leonard Nimoy will be heard and not seen when he guest stars on this weeks episode of CBS’ The Big Bang Theory. CBS just released a pair of photos and a episode teaser of Nimoy’s time on the set.

Nimoy, the Star Trek icon and Sheldon’s (Jim Parsons) personal hero will be voicing the role as “Tiny Spock” in the episode. As often happens when a big guest star like Nimoy drops by, the shooting of the show became more of a party and photo shoot with the cast.

“I thoroughly enjoyed myself, they’re a talented company and a smart show; they made me welcome.”

Nimoy has been at the top of the shows producers’ wish list for guest stars, as Sheldon’s obsession with Star Trek has been well documented on the series, with the Nimoy-signed napkin Penny (Kaley Cuoco) gave Sheldon framed on the set. When Nimoy saw the piece he said:


Executive producer Steve Molaro told The Hollywood Reporter at the time of the casting:

“For years, we thought it would be fantastic to have Leonard Nimoy appear on the show and we think we’ve found a really different and fun way to make that happen, as thrilled as we are he’s doing it, we’re even more thrilled just to get our pictures taken with him.”

Check out the cast’s photo with the icon and a teaser for this week’s episode, below.

Hot on the heels of Nathan Fillion’s “Swamp Ass” PSA comes Kaley Cuoco of Big Bang Theory fame with her Nerdgastic Break PSA – “Slave Leia.” I personally don’t think this is a real problem. As far as I, and many other panting, sweaty, semi-creepy convention and or party goers there can NEVER be enough Slave Leia’s. Please feel free to Google “Slave Leia Car Wash” for convincing evidence. I will heartily agree though, that variety is, much like the spice of Dune, a great way to crank up a party.