Kamala Khan


Marvel Comics has been doing a good job diversifying its cadre of costumed heroes, from Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales, to Falcon being promoted to Captain America and Jane Foster taking on the mantle of the Mighty Thor. One of the most successful new characters though is Kamala Khan, the new Ms. Marvel, a Pakistani-American teenager who is the first Muslim character to headline her own comic book. The critical and commecial success of the new Ms. Marvel may naturally make people think she would easily make the transition to film, but would you want the filmmaker behind Punisher: War Zone to be the one that brings Ms. Marvel to the big screen? Well, she certainly does. (more…)


Secret Wars is coming! If you’ve been following the developments in Marvel Comics over the last couple of months, then you know that this latest big event miniseries is being billed as Marvel’s biggest and eventiest miniseries ever put to the printed page, and easily bigger than last summer’s event, whatever that was. (Seriously, what was it again?) Anyway, Marvel’s been teasing us the last couple of days about who’s going to make the cut when the Avengers are re-formed and re-united post-Secret Wars, and if the rumors are true, then the creative team had all the Marvel Universes to choose from. So who ended up making the cut? (more…)


You may or may not have heard about this thing called Secret Wars. It’s the latest Marvel Comics event miniseries that kicks off in the next couple of months, and promises – You guess it! – to change things in the Marvel Universe forever. Not content to promote the heck out of Secret Wars and all its ancillary tie-ins, spin-offs and one-shots, Marvel Comics now wants to tease us with the aftermath, and it begins with another thrilling game of guessing who’s now an Avenger. Marvel passed around the below graphic this morning featuring the mostly silhouetted team, with two new team members already confirmed. So who will now stand with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes? (more…)

Meet Kamala Khan, the New Ms. Marvel!


We’re at a time, not only in comic books but in all forms of media, where people are craving diversity in their characters. Luckily for us, Marvel is listening. In the form of Ms. Marvel, we get a new protagonist; a female, teenaged, Muslim Pakistani-American girl from New Jersey, by the name of Kamala Khan. (more…)