Kane and Lynch

kane and lynch

Yet one more project being ripped from the video game world and turned into Hollywood profits, Kane & Lynch is also one of those same properties that always seems to be on the verge of collapse.  In tentative development for about five years now, it looks like there may finally be at least a little progress toward getting it onto the big screen, starting with some interesting casting choices. (more…)


While most of ya’ll are enjoying your holiday weekend, some people, including me,  is working because retail stores never takes a break. Anyway, there are two directors that won’t be working on certain projects that may be of your interest. First up, Guillermo Del Toro (Hell Boy, Pan’s Labyrinth) has step down from directing The Hobbit films. Scheduling conflicts were the primary reason as it was getting in the way to other commitments that Del Toro has. However, he will finish co-writing it with the team so that part of his magic will be in the two films that is due out of December of 2012 and December of 2013.

Now of the other film that lost its director is the upcoming Kane & Lynch film, based on the Kane & Lynch video games. Reports says that Simon Crane was having disagreements with the producers and left the project. While this would have been Crane’s directorial debut, he is orginally a stunt actor and stunt director. Both Bruce Willis (Kane) and Jamie Foxx (Lynch) are still part of the project.

Does the news of this make any impact regarding the interest of the two films that ya already have? At least with the Del Toro’s case, it was more of an understanding and he is still contributing to the project where as Crane didn’t really have any experience and who knows, it may help the Kane & Lynch film… Oh wait, it’s a video game film, its still going to suck in some way or the other.

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