The new AMC series Fear the Walking Dead shows us the beginning of a zombie apocalypse, the audience watches as society collapses and becomes a desolate world where the dead don’t really die, but can literally come back and bite you in the ass. Under such circumstances, it would be unsurprising that our traditional structures like government and first responders would fall under the onslaught of the unknown. Perhaps though, they just weren’t prepared enough. Well, one state is going to rectify that. Taking a break from what most sources call the terrible fiscal management of the state, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback is declaring October Zombie Preparedness Month. (more…)

Beaker Is ‘Dust In The Wind’


We here at Nerbastards are always up for a little Muppet action. So how could we resist the urge to post a video of Beaker trying to perform ‘Dust In The Wind’ by Kansas? And the keyword here is trying…poor Beaker is so distracted by pop-up bullying, and I guess it doesn’t help that he gets a little…well, hot. Anyways, check out the clip. Personally I don’t think it was long enough (I really would have liked to hear Beaker just a few seconds longer) but it’s still long enough to get a laugh. Meep Meep!!!!!!!!!