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There’s always two sides to every story, at least that’s what they say. It appears that J. Matthew Turner  is one of those people who believe that old saying, and he decided to put together a video to illustrate his belief that Daniel LaRusso is in fact the real bully of The Karate Kid. That’s right, Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) of the Cobra Kai dojo is the one getting picked on, not Ralph Macchio. (more…)

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And because every rebooted franchise needs at least one sequel, the Jaden Smith-starring return to Karate Kid trudges on. It’s been a little while since the reboot first hit the big screens, back in May of 2010, in fact, but now there’s some news that the long-planned sequel may be moving ahead. For the powers-that-be (AKA Columbia Pictures) have signed on a director for the flick – Breck Eisner. (more…)

There are a lot of bad movies floating around, and there are a lot of bad songs that go along with them. Action films — particularly those from the 1980s — have many of the worst soundtracks, and yet some of our most iconic verses have come from Rocky, The Karate Kid and so forth. Did any of the Members Only-jacket-wearing producers at the time know this would happen? Of course not. Will they take credit for our love of cheesy lyrics and guitar solos? Absolutely.
After the jump, check out 10 oddly mesmerizing songs from the action films of yesteryear. Fair warning: these songs will suck up valuable brain space, and you’ll be singing them for hours.



A tale of suspense, danger, happiness and rainbows! (note: this is not a real trailer…just incase you were stupid enough to think so.)

Wax On, F*ck Off with Ralph Macchio from Ralph Macchio

Anyone that consumed media in the 80’s – 90’s knew who Ralph Macchio was. Though a name drop like that may not go that far these days. Ralph Macchio is the original star of the Karate Kid films. The series was wildly successful and warmed the hearts of everyone who watched. Then the movies were done and he kinda just fell off the face of the earth. Now, with this new Karate Kid reboot (the one starring Jackie Chan and Will Smith’s kid) being released TODAY it looks as if Mr. Macchio is surfacing again and doing is with some gusto! Throwing away that nice guy persona, strapping a bottle in his hand and shoving a dollar bill up his nose.

So what else did Ralph do? Well, he went on to do some other greats like My Cousin Vinny, Crossroads, Outsiders, and more recently he appeared in multiple episodes of the Ugly Betty television series.

Enjoy the video! Rock and Roll!