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This Vin Diesel guy must be contracting out his sleep because I don’t know how else he has the time to do everything he’s got going on lately. Diesel is taking another run at a Triple X movie in xXx: The Return of Xander Cage , there’s the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel, the Fast & Furious sequel, and on top of that, he’s helping to launch a new television division for One Race Films‘ production company called MERC CITY which will look into the lives of the Mercenaries in the Riddick Universe. The man is flat-out busy. (more…)


This is not your father’s Power Rangers movie. All the goofy, brightly colored costumes, and rubber monsters are gone. Blasted away by this dirty, gritty, re-imagining of one of our childhood favorites. I’m not really a fan of the gritty reboot-type works that Hollywood seems infatuated with these days. Not everything needs to be darker, hell some humor every now and then has a place in film. So I found myself surprised that my anti-gritty-re-imagining radar wasn’t flashing and making that weird repeating klaxon noise in my head as I watched this fan film by Joseph Kahn. Throw in Katee Sackhoff and James Van Der Beek and you’ve got my full attention. (more…)


There’s been internet buzz about Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige’s remarks concerning the lack of female superheroes headlining their own films. It’s no secret that ladies in the action realm have had their ups and downs. For every one Ellen Ripley there’s a ‘Catwoman,’ an ‘Elektra,’ and a ‘Barb Wire.’ One could argue that the industry as a whole just down right doesn’t know what to do with ladies in power. But when considering the counter-argument, that with every ‘BloodRayne’ debacle, there are ‘Lara Croft: Tomb Raider,’ ‘Underworld’ and ‘Hunger Games’ success stories, the issue gets kinda confusing. If Marvel were to place bets on a female-led superhero film, where would it fit in their grand cinematic plan? And what character would be the best candidate? I think Katee Sackhoff might be trying to tell us something. (more…)


So what do cult icon actresses do when they’re not busy flying around in the T.A.R.D.I.S. or helping to rid the universe of Cylons? Well, they keep themselves occupied by fighting evil, supernatural mirrors, of course. Or at least that’s what they’re doing this time around. Check out the first trailer for Oculus, the new horror flick starring Karen Gillan and Katee Sackhoff, below. (more…)


What a day for a ton of Avengers: Age of Ultron rumors. The latest, following today’s revelation that Paul Bettany had signed on to play The Vision, suggests that Ms. Marvel will also be joining the team in the upcoming sequel along with Vision, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. So should you believe it, or not? I don’t know, but the ranks of The Avengers are starting to sound a little swelled, don’t you think? (more…)

When not promoting her awesome Acting Outlaws charity with fellow Battlestar Galactica alum Tricia Helfer, Katee Sackhoff keeps very busy pitching herself for various tentpole film franchises.
In an interview with Total Film, Sackhoff made it clear that she’d go to some pretty great lengths to get a foot in the door with either DC’s cinematic universe or the new Star Wars trilogy.  (more…)


Months ago, Katee Sackhoff was on the Schmoes Know podcast and was cornered into giving an awkward answer that may have revealed she’d been talking with Marvel about a role in their Avengers franchise. A week later she denied ever having said anything about talking with Marvel, but hey, go give a listen for yourself. She clearly mentions something about Marvel, and it isn’t an emphatic “no”. Now, the Battlestar Galatica star has tweeted something very evasive about upcoming “surprises”. Hmm… What could it be!? (more…)

sackhoof and bamber

Sexism within the world of television and film has been around since the industry first began, but recently it has risen in the media to generate some much needed discussion.  In particular, the way women are treated in Hollywood has become a hot-button subject.  During a panel at Dallas Comic Con this last week, Katee Sackhoff and Jamie Bamber took some time to put in their two cents regarding sexism in the industry.  Check out what they had to say in the video below: (more…)


Only last week we reported on an interview Katee Sackhoff gave on the Schmoes Know podcast in where she sort of hinted she may have been talking with Marvel and Disney about her upcoming availability. Now, I’ll admit when I heard this I immediately jumped – ever so hopefully –  to the conclusion this meant they might be eyeing her for the role of Captain Marvel. A character we’re all just waiting to be announced as joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, because come on, Carol Danvers NEEDS a movie, or at least a role in one.

Since then, Sackhoff has been making it blatantly clear we all heard wrong. In no way did she say Disney or Marvel had been inquiring about her schedule. I’ll leave it to you to go back and listen to her interview on the podcast to see if she’s lying, ’cause I’m pretty sure that is what was said, however awkwardly. Anyway, here’s what Sackhoff is saying now,



Out and about promoting Riddick is one Katee Sackhoff, known to most as Kara “Starbuck” Thrace from Battlestar Galactica. While making her rounds she ended up on the Schmoes Know podcast and there was asked about the possibility she’s heard anything from Marvel or Disney. Here’s her unbelievable awkward response,

Um… There’s been some stuff going on. Um… there’s been a lot of checking of availability… I don’t quite know exactly… I don’t know… there’s been a lot of questions about the first quarter of next year and then the…

What isn’t clear from the text that is when you listen to the audio is that the Schmoes were talking over her, and in the end cut her off before she really revealed anything. But her bumbling makes one thing clear, she likely has been talking to Marvel, or at least someone has for her. Otherwise, it’d have been a clean cut, “No,” right?

The biggest clue is her mention of, “the first quarter of next year,” as we know that’s when Avengers: Age of Ultron will be in production. If they’re interested in keeping her schedule free for that period then they must be looking to include her, in some way, in Age of Ultron. It’s likely a small role considering how late in the game these talks are happening, which leads me to guess she’s up for Captain Marvel. Not only is Sackhoff a dead ringer for Carol Danvers, but we know she’s got the balls to bring one of Marvel’s heaviest hitters to life on screen. Exhibit A: Starbuck.

Once you take into account Joss Whedon wants to include more women heroes and the latest threat will be cosmic in nature, introducing Captain Marvel seems a no-brainer. Another possibility is they’re looking to her for The Scarlet Witch, something I can also dig, but I’d much prefer her as Danvers. What do you guys think of this latest casting rumor? Who’d you cast Sackhoff as?

Source: Bleeding Cool