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A lot has been said and written since Carrie Fisher‘s untimely death last year about the effect it will have on the future of her character in the remaining entry of the Star Wars sequel trilogy. Fisher, it seems, was not just going to be a part of the as-yet untitled Episode IX, but she was going to be a big part, if not the biggest part. Obviously, those details are being kept largely under wraps, but both the producer and director of Episode IX are shedding light on how they’re trying to carry on without Fisher and why that may be easier said than done.  (more…)

Star Wars

The Original Star Wars trilogy hold a special place in the hearts of many. A Long Time Ago, In a Galaxy Far, Far Away, George Lucas gave us something new, creative, incredibly awesome. Star Wars revolutionized the modern day blockbuster. Hell, it even created the term as people lined up around blocks at movie theaters to see the film, literally “busting blocks” in anticipation of the movie.

In the early 90s, computer wizardry finally caught up with George’s original vision of the film. The Bearded One decided to do some edits to the film and include various shots that were technologically impossible when the original films were made. Hence, we got the Special Editions of the Original Trilogy. Some fans liked it, other’s hated it with the vengeance of a thousand burning suns. Such controversial decisions like Greedo shooting first, additional dewbacks, the ice monster on Hoth’s arm cutting reaction, Max Rebo’s band number, and of course the change of the Ewok celebration complete with young Anakin’s ghost made many hardcore fans cringe. Fan have long wanted there to be a Blu-Ray release of the Original Trilogy to be released un-edited. Lucas has always said no as the film with the Special Edition changes are what his vision for Star Wars is.


For the longest, Star Wars movies have been within the “Skywalker Saga.” This means that they have centered on a member of the Skywalker family as they deal with the forces of good versus evil, the Jedi versus the Sith and other variables. Originally, there was supposed to be 9 films, The Prequel Trilogy, The Original Trilogy, and the trilogy that happened afterward. The saga was shortened to just the Prequel and Original Trilogy under George Lucas’ vision. However, the Bearded One sold Lucasfilm to Disney, and the House of Mouse commissioned to create a brand new trilogy to tell of events after the OT.



Along with the shattered hearts of fans across the galaxy, Carrie Fisher‘s death in late December 2016 has left a gaping hole in the plot of the newest additions to the Star Wars series. Sources have said that all her scenes for the next installment were shot before her death, but that still leaves two movies left in the trilogy that were expected to have General Leia Organa play a big role. While Disney could get an insurance payout of up to $50 million to help solve the practical issues that have been raised by the loss of one of the series’s most iconic actors, that’s not going to make it an easy feat. (more…)


So unless we have amnesia, there’s a new Star Wars movie in theatres right now as you’re reading these words. Hey! Why aren’t you out going to see it? You’re sitting here, in front of your computer, telephone or other device and not seeing a Star Wars movie. What kind of nerd are you?!?! Well, if you’re reading these words hoping that they’ll lead to a trailer for Star Wars Episode VIII, you’re going to have a bad time. Not only does this article not reveal the trailer, it’s about to tell you that the wait for the trailer is going to be longer still.  (more…)


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is going to establish some firsts on a number of topics. It’s the first live-action movie to be set outside the main Skywalker saga, it’s the first movie period to take place between the prequel and original trilogies, and it’s the test case for Disney to see if their plans for a Star Wars movie per year is viable and profitable. But here’s a specific question: Will Rogue One, following in the tradition of every live-action Star Wars movie from 1977, have an opening crawl. It’s a good question, and one that the Powers that Be behind Star Wars still don’t know the answer too. (more…)

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There’s a tendency out there in Internet Land to panic whenever something appears to be going wrong. What’s worse, plenty of people have little-to-no idea how a movie is put together and so when they hear a word like “reshoots”, they freak the hell out. So is the case with the next flick from the Star Wars franchise, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. To be fair, when some movies go back for reshoots, it’s because the execs have no faith the movie will stand on its own given its current incarnation. With Rogue One, however, both director Gareth Edwards and Lucasfilm guru Kathleen Kennedy are stepping up to reassure the fans that it’s no big deal. (more…)


One of the unique things about the filming of Star Wars: The Force Awakens was its dedication to share the experience with fans, and give a little something back at the same time charity-wise speaking. The Star Wars: Force for Change campaign raised over $10 million dollars for UNICEF through various promotions, notably the auctioning of a cameo role in The Force Awakens, and tickets to the Hollywood premiere of the movie. Now, not coincidentally on the same day as Episode VII’s home video release, Force for Change is kicking off a month-long effort to raise even more money, up to $1 million in matching funds to assist various charities. (more…)


With a little less than two weeks to go before the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the promotion for the film has gone into, ahem, hyperdrive. Even though there’s about 11 more sleeps till most people’s first chance to see the film, fans will be speculating till the curtain lifts as to what, or what not, has been included in the film. Today, we have some insight into the latter. Culled from a press event over the weekend, we can say definitively a couple of things about The Force Awakens: it’s got no Ewoks, no Jar Jar Binks, and no post-credits sequences. At least one of those is sort of disappointing. (more…)


In filmmaking parlance, “final cut” is the completed, edited version of the film that you see in theaters. It’s approved by the studio, and sometimes that means the final cut is determined by the studio in terms of scenes that must be removed, or a running time that must be abided by. Sadly, it’s not always the director that determines final cut, and the bigger the movie, or less influential the director, the greater the odds that final cut lie in the hands of studio execs. In the case of Star Wars: The Force Awakens though, it seems that final cut rests with J.J. Abrams. (more…)