katie cook

Wow, I’m a little shocked we’ve got news about actual comic books coming out of Comic-Con, and this early, too! There’s two stories breaking at the moment, both have me literally bouncing with joy, one’s a for sure and the other’s a strong maybe.

First, let’s start with the one most of you probably don’t give a shit about, but suck it up, I’m the one writing this article, I choose what we cover!! Hah! The power. Anyway, IDW and Hasbro have announced there will be a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic book from the uber talents Katie Cook and Andy Price. Gimme a “Fuck Yeah,” Bronies!

Comics Alliance has a preview of some of Prices’ pony artwork though no official art for the series has been released yet. They also managed to talk with editor Bobby Curnow about what IDW’s version of the popular ponies would be like,

We’re trying our best to capture the tone of the show, which has plenty of witty jokes that appeal to older fans. It’s silly and irreverent, but at the same time, it’s still very character focused, which is a crucial ingredient for any smart story. Basically we’re just working on making the stories as strong as possible, and everything falls into place from there.

It helps that the writer of the series, Katie Cook, is a big fan of the show, and is a naturally warm, friendly, funny and silly person. I think the scripts come off pretty naturally as a result, while at the same time retaining a real comic book feel. Andy Price, the artist, certainly helps in that department.

I’m completely stoked for this series, but I can already feel the hate mail coming in – WHY U HATE PONIES!? – so let’s move on to our other bit of comic book news. Bleeding Cool caught wind of a rumor brewing at Comic-Con that DC has reached a deal with Neil Gaiman for a new Sandman series! And in light of their Before Watchmen series it doesn’t seem unlikely DC would like to resurrect another old yet popular series. I can the $ in their eyes already.

The rumor continues with whisperings of J.H. Williams III attached as artist. Wow! If it got any better it’d really be too good to be true, which this very well could still end up being. But we’ll keep our fingers crossed there will be some official word on this soon. Stay tuned!

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