katie dippold


Here’s something to dig your teeth into! Paul Feig‘s highly anticipated reboot/sequel/same-universe/re-imagining all-female Ghostbusters may just have just have found one of his four paranormal crime-busters. Since the films announcement, hardcore fans of the classic 80s comedy have been on tenterhooks, “gossiping” and speculating about which actresses might be suiting up and dawning the proton packs. There are no stars officially attached to the project yet, but, finally we have some information regarding a conversation Feig had with Rebel Wilson. By the looks of things, this could have the potential to be a combination of Bridesmaids meets Ghostbusters. (more…)

GB 3

So what’s going on with the new Ghostbusters movie this week? Well, if you’ve been following the news, you know that the entire thing has been a mess from the very beginning. What started as Ghostbusters 3 has now evolved into a complete reboot of the series, this time featuring a lady Ghostbusting team. And so it’s only natural that they would want to bring on a lady writer to help with the script. Nerd Readers, please welcome Katie Dippold to the endless Ghostbusters fiasco. (more…)