katniss everdeen


Today at the UBS Global Media and Communications Conference in New York, amid news of a Starz and Lionsgate merger, Lionsgate entertainment vice chairman Michael Burns stated The Hunger Games franchise will “live on and on and on” in much the same way as Harry Potter.  While that may seem like squeezing blood from a stone, you can’t really blame the studio for trying.  Katniss Everdeen and her gang of rebels have made about $524 billion with the last installment alone, and it’s not even out of theaters yet.  But how can the franchise continue, when author Suzanne Collins has only penned a trilogy? (more…)


The Hunger Games lit a spark, but its sequel Catching Fire is what will set the world ablaze. Performing better than any sequel in recent memory, Catching Fire gives audiences exactly what they want: bigger, better, and more. Director Francis Lawrence isn’t looking to reinvent the wheel with this movie, but it’s obvious special attention was paid to resolve the gripes made about The Hunger Games. The cast, Jennifer Lawrence in particular, all give exceptionally strong performances, clearly having grown more comfortable in their roles. Sequels are meant to satisfy our burning need for more of what we loved the first time around, and sometimes setup forthcoming sequels; Catching Fire does this all,  and then some. (more…)