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Now that the important yet drawn out and tedious task of casting the titular character in Doctor Strange has been resolved – Another round of applause for Benedict Cumberbatch everyone!!! – we get to the real meat of the casting conundrum: who will play The Ancient One. Okay, so that may not be the most talked about bit of casting in the process seeing as how the man that teaches Strange all about his magical, mystical powers doesn’t exactly play a huge part in the story, but in the Marvel U there are no small parts, only small actors. To prove that old theater axiom, it’s been leaked that there are three very strong frontrunners to play The Ancient One. (more…)


With the pending home video release of Gareth Edwards‘ 2014 reboot of Godzilla coming to a retailer near you in another week, we pause to do some navel gazing at all the things that he did wrong in the film. YEAH! Take that Edwards. You may be still growing as a filmmaker, and Godzilla was only your second movie, but since you didn’t make the Godzilla movie we all had playing in our heads we’re going to tear you a new one! Ahem. Now that I’ve got that out of my system, let’s introduce a couple of new videos to hit the interwebs today. On the one hand we have a judicious You Tuber who edited together all the Godzilla and MOTU bits in two vids that show how little screen time they all got, and secondly, Honest Trailers has put together a – well – honest trailer for Godzilla. (more…)


Godzilla has had a career unlike any star of the silver screen. Debuting in 1954, Ishirō Honda’s Gojira was a somber, bleak and quite realistic depiction of the sheer destructiveness of nature (itself an allegory for humanity’s own penchant for destruction). From there, some 27 films later, the franchise has gone through many iterations. Sometimes Godzilla’s simply a monster, sometimes a hero, sometimes he’s truly terrible and frightening, and other times a chintzy, campy joke. Yet though all of it, Godzilla endures. [Minor SPOILERS follow.] (more…)

age of extinction

Considering that Transformers: Age of Extinction opens in theaters in less than two months, the news that the production has just added two new cast members might sound a little odd. The movie is in post and has to be ready to go very soon, so what does the Michael Bay movie machine think it’s doing when it grabs up John Goodman and Ken Watanabe? No, Bay hasn’t gone insane. There’s actually a good reason for it and you can scroll on for the details. (more…)

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Strangely titled “Nature Has an Order” (which would lead one to believe that it’d just be thirty seconds of Gojira stomping on that ass), the latest TV Spot for Gareth Edwards’ redux of Godzilla features more narration from Bryan Cranston. Only this time, instead of warning us about the government’s lies (in his best Ozymandias tone), he quickly illustrates the inherent human tragedy the apocalypse carries with it. Yet again, Warner Bros. and Legendary have put together an incredible piece of marketing that continues to sell Edwards’ film as the must-see movie of Summer 2014.



And now I have a reason to give a damn. To say I’m leery about Hollywood’s second attempt at a Godzilla flick is an understatement. The big ‘G’ is a tricky thing to adapt, half the time the Japanese movies are iffy in their quality and they created the damn franchise. And I think we all remember the disaster of 1998’s Godzilla. Hell, even calling it Godzilla was a stretch because it just wasn’t.

As production begins on this Godzilla movie, Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures have released news of the final, principal cast, and this fills me with a little more hope. Ken Watanabe joins an already impressive cast, including Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, Juliette Binoche, David Strathairn and Bryan Cranston. I mean, come on, that’s a rockin’ cast.

The film is shooting for a May 16th, 2014 release date and filming is now underway in Vancouver. The script includes the work of Max Borenstein, Frank Darabont and Dave Callaham, another solid line-up of talent. I just hope the script is cohesive. Gareth Edwards is directing.

All right, what are the odds this won’t suck? The addition of Watanabe is awesome, he better be the lead. Still no synopsis so it’s anyone’s guess what the plot will be.

Source: Cinema Blend

UPDATE! Only a few hours after we posted this article the first photos and video from the set of Godzilla have found their way online. Whew! Things are sure moving quickly. These images and video come courtesy of Godzilla-Movies and YVRShoots.

And here’s director Edwards first message from the set,

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We have spent a lot of time discussing the casting choices being made/offered/rumored for Jaume Collet-Serra‘s live-action Akira. Kristin Stewart and Garret Hedlund are possibly attached to the production regardless of being white and terrible. Helena Bonham Carter and Gary Oldman are names we have also heard, and while fantastic actors, are still rather Caucasian for a story that takes place in Neo-Tokyo. Well, and you might want to sit down for this, Warner Bros. is about to rock your cyberpunk dystopian world. They have reportedly contacted a Japanese actor to be in the movie.

According to Twitch Ken Watanabe (Last Samurai, Batman Begins, Inception) has been offered the role of The Colonel. Yes, Oldman was originally rumored to be the choice for the character, but apparently the WB and he could not reach an agreement. If you think about it, it’s a no brainer. Watanabe is great actor and his previous work both in the west and in Japan have earned him credibility and make him an asset to any movie. Hell, he even looks like the damn character.

Could this be the turning point where this obvious celluloid mistake turns around and becomes a great movie? Something nerds everywhere will enjoy just as much as the original?


There are also rumors out there that Keira Knightley, Michael Pitt and, Paul Dano may also find work on the film. One step forward and like 300 back, Warner Bros.

source: Slash Film