If you didn’t know already, there’s a new Jim Henson Company The Muppets Show coming to ABC. It’s a more adult look at the personal lives of the Muppets in an Office like mockumentary style. In fact, even more people are going to be finding out about this new series thanks the efforts of One Million Moms and their petition to stop the show from being aired. (more…)

MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Muppets Most Wanted’


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When The Muppets released in 2011 it was a celebrated return to the movies for Kermit, Miss Piggy, and the whole gang. That film was a nostalgia-laden trip through Muppet history and brought them back to relevance after years away. Their follow-up film, Muppets Most Wanted, is an enjoyable caper but as The Muppets themselves sing early on, “everybody knows that the sequel’s never quite as good.”  (more…)

Ricky Gervais is reported to be in negotiations to star in The Muppets sequel as the lead “Human” actor. I guess he’s got to work with felt since no one in Hollywood wants to work with Gervais after his Golden Globe rant. (Joking here, I loved his performance! ! !) Production starts in January. Gervias, if the contracts are signed, will join Ty Burrell of Modern Family as one of the three main “Human” roles. Burrell  is said to be playing a lazy (I know he will play it “Bumbling” I am willing to bet he draws inspiration from Peter Sellers Inspector Jacques Clouseau) Interpool Inspector.

Gervais is no stranger to The Muppets stage, he shot a cameo for the first movie, but like many scenes shot in Hollywood, the scene didn’t make the final cut. The real question is, will Gervais have to sing like the first movie? I can’t remember him singing except while in his The Office character, who wasn’t supposed to be able to sing, that was the funny part.

Director James Bobin is returning for the sequel along with the rest of the Muppet crew. The as yet untitled The Muppets II is set to hit theaters in late 2013.

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Remembering Jim

Today is the 22nd anniversary of Jim Henson’s death. Jim is part of a short list of creative people that positively impacts the daily lives of some many children around the world, even 22 years after passing away.

The video below is a tribute to Jim Henson that will leave you sad, yet still smiling. Jim’s creative genius has gone on to affect entire generations of children, who in turn bring the magic of Jim Henson’s Muppets to their own children.

Take a minute and watch. We still miss you Jim. 

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Even though it had been over ten years since the last Muppets film, their comeback this past year has brought them back to the public eye. They presented at the Oscars and won Best Original Song for their song titled, “Man or Muppet”, what could be better? Well, it has just been announced that The Muppets have been confirmed for a sequel. But hold your horses, Jason Segel has already stated that he will not be involved in the film as a screenwriter.

Segel may come back in an acting capacity, but with his ongoing work on CBS’ How I Met Your Mother, and films due to hit theaters this year such as: Jeff Who Lives at HomeThe Five-Year Engagement, and This is Forty  he is making sure to keep himself pretty busy. Good news is that despite Segel not appearing in the film, Gary his creation, could possibly be part of the film  seeing a Muppets director James Bobin and original co-writer Nicholas Stoller are set to pen the script for the sequel very soon.

Of course the big elephant in the room, is the possibility of Frank Oz being part of the sequel.  After being offered the opportunity to return as the voice of iconic characters Animal, Miss Piggy, and Fozzy Bear; he decided to turn it down and publicly announce that :

“I wasn’t happy with the script. I don’t think they respected the characters. But I don’t want to go on about it like a sourpuss and hurt the movie.”

Could the movies success, and popularity allow for the wounds of being beat to the punch with a new Muppets film finally be put to rest or will he really not be involved in this upcoming film as well.  The sky is the limit my friend, but for now we have another Muppets film to look forward to, and I can’t wait.


Everyone loves a good conspiracy story, from who shot J.F.K. to 911 to the moon landings. Some people get pretty far out there when they start talking about them. So it doesn’t surprise me that someone over at FOX News decided that the latest Muppet’s movie is just the tip of the Felt covered conspiracy feltberg. The conspiracy to brain wash your kids about the evils of capitalism. What makes me laugh is that anyone is writing about it . . . myself included.

The Muppets, in case you haven’t seen it yet, follows Kermit and the gang (with help from Jason Segel, Amy Adams and a new character named Walter) as they put on a telethon to save their beloved Muppet Studios from an oil baron who wants to level it and drill.

What message does Follow the Money host Eric Bolling pull from this? “Is liberal Hollywood using class warfare to brainwash our kids?” he asks, while one of his expert guests lumps The Muppets and Cars 2 in the same category as Syriana and There Will Be Blood.

So does it stand up? The Muppets does paints Chris Cooper’s Tex Richman as an unrepentant villain. And he’s after money, pure and simple. He’s evil and wealthy. Not wealthy because he is evil, but just evil and wealthy. What Bolling and friends miss completely is that, in The Muppets, Kermit is living high on the hog (yes that is a Miss Piggy reference) in a Beverly Hills mansion, with a robot driving his Rolls; Gonzo is a successful toilet magnate; and Miss Piggy is a magazine editor at Paris Vogue. All of them rich, famous, and living the life of Riley.

The Muppets are the 1 percent.

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By now you might be tiring of the Muppets. I don’t really think that’s possible, so here’s a video of Jason Segel, Amy Adams, Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy answering some fan questions on Moviefone. You’ll be amazed by Miss Piggy’s impressive impressions! (The Mary Sue)


This holiday weekend we welcomed the Muppets back to the silver screen in, uh, The Muppets. It’s been 32 years since their first feature film, The Muppet Movie and 12 years since Muppets from Space. Add in the sensation they stirred up with any of their promotional appearances or parody trailers and it’s clear we’ve been missing the Muppets. And The Muppets, the movie, nails that perfect blend of nostalgia with fantastic fresh material.

Much of The Muppets’ success, of course, goes to the Muppets. These characters are so much larger than the people who bring them to life, and it’s because of this the Muppets will most likely still be making movies long after we’re dead. And this isn’t meant to discredit those who do bring them to life! What they do is incredible. I’ve always been amazed at the amount of emotion and expression a Muppet can show, and in The Muppets, the Muppets deliver some of their best, most genuine performances.

There’s a chance of spoilers ahead, but not an abundance. Too much of the fun is in the surprise, in particular the awesome cameos. (more…)

The Muppets to Host the Oscars?

Next years Oscar awards are in a bit of a pickle, thanks to the recent departures of both host Eddie Murphy and producer Brett Ratner, which rocked headlines today. A few hours ago, it was announced that Brian Grazer will be replacing Ratner. However, it still leaves the Academy Awards down a host and people are looking towards Jim Henson’s Muppets to host, which would be a first for the awards show.

A Facebook page has been advocating for the Muppets to host the Oscars since February 28th and now appears to be gaining traction thanks to this Murphy Ratner shenanigans. Kermit, Ms. Piggy and the rest of the Muppet gang may be one step closer to that reality. The Oscars themselves are aired on ABC, owned by Disney and they own the Muppet franchise-and they just so happen to be releasing the latest Muppets movie on November 23rd. A reasonable possibility it seems. Besides, who wouldn’t want to see Beaker (Meep) giving out the award for Best Director?

Granted, using puppets instead of a living cast is going to change a few things (more tables), but having a fuzzy cast of characters on broadcast television could bring in a much younger viewing audience. Of course that would make the Academy Awards relevant and why would they want that? In other words, this probably is never gonna happen. Meep!

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Disney recently released a whole bunch of photos along with some character descriptions from the upcoming Jason Segel and Amy Adams film The Muppets. If you’re not excited about this flick then you deserve death and nothing else. OK, that was harsh, but seriously, how can anyone not like the Muppets? If anything, it will be hard to watch something from your childhood after having seen Jason Segel’s dick flop around (Forgetting Sarah Marshal)

Directed by James Bobin (The Flight of the Conchords) and starring Jason Segel, Amy Adams, Chris Cooper, and just about every Muppet you can think of, the film follows Gary (Segel) and his brother Walter (a brand-new puppet created for the film) as they journey to Los Angeles and work with the Muppets to save the Muppet Theater from devious oil baron Tex Richman (Cooper).

The flick is scheduled to open in theaters on November 23, 2011. Check out the images and detailed description below.