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If anyone knows what is going on with Doctor Strange then it’s Marvel Movie Guru Kevin Feige unless you count director Scott Derrickson, but he’s too busy currently shooting Doctor Strange to talk with just about anyone. Feige on the other hand loves to talk Marvel Movie Magic and has recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly to help set the stage for Marvel’s Magician magical entrance. What’s Feige have to say and how does Doctor Strange fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Read on true believer and find out! (more…)

Super-heroes have undergone quite the transformation in recent years.  Once regulated to comic books and the occasional cartoon or live-action series, they have now become a mainstream form of entertainment for the big screen.  Big names have attached themselves to many of these films and the Academy Awards rarely goes down without at least one super-hero flick being on the card.

In a recent interview with Wired, the Marvel Studio’s President of Production, Kevin Feige, had some words about the success of comic book movies and what goes into making them the blockbusters that they are today.

On Marvel versus DC at the box office:

But the truth is I root for every single one, whether it’s our movies or not…

Chris Nolan’s Batman is the greatest thing that happened because it bolstered everything. Imagine the one-two punch in 2008 of Iron Man and Dark Knight? It was great. Six years earlier I was having conversations with studio execs where they’d say, “Why don’t you come work for us? These comic book movies can’t last forever. It’s probably towards the tail end.” And I, being with big bright-eyed naiveté would go, “I don’t know, I think we can do more. I think there’s more fun to be had.”

About name dropping other characters:

We usually do that in the script stage. But there have been cases, one in particular in Thor. Selvig, Stellan Skarsgård‘s character, has a couple of lines of dialogue to Jane, and he ended up name-checking three Marvel characters or something. We said, “No, it’s too much. That starts getting distracting.” But usually it’s in the scripts.

On costuming for the big screen:

We have fans, like myself, who spend a lot of money on three-dimensional statues. Now, look at the state Iron Man was in, even at the high-end, before the movie came out. It may as well have been gold tights, right? But then we lucked out on all of them, right? All of the characters had modern incarnations that proved to be helpful jumping-off points.

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