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Dylan Dog Dead of Night poster

I just don’t know where to begin with this trailer for the new film Dylan Dead of Night starring Brandon Routh ( Superman Returns).  If this movie is meant to be serious then it’s only redeeming quality will be Routh taking his shirt off (sorry guys had to go there).  Now if this is meant as just something stupid and fun then this is barely ok on my scale.  Brandon Routh just make good movies please?!  I mean you were great in Zach and Miri!

The film brought to us by Kevin Munroe who directed TMNT (2007) is a horror/ comedy.  The plot revolves around Roth’s character Dylan Dog who’s a PI and deals with all things undead.  What’s disappointing is that this whole thing is horrific.  Every part or joke that is meant to be funny just isn’t executed right and falls short.  The idea based on the comic is awesome and could have turned out well but this just looks more like a rental then a movie going experience.  Now you know what I think so what are your guys thoughts??  Dylan Dog hits theaters April 29th.

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Three years ago Brandon Routh (Superman Returns, yeah that guy) had been cast as the title character in Dylan Dog: Dead of Night, with TMNT director Kevin Munroe set to direct

What? You’ve never heard of Dylan Dog? Don’t worry, most of the United States hasn’t. Hollywood doesn’t seem to think we would care to find out about it either, Dylan Dog has yet to find an American distributor. So why the hell are we talking about it?

Because you Nerdbastards SHOULD know about it. It’s bat-shit crazy. Written by Italian Tiziano Sclavi about a paranormal investigator based in London. Dark Horse comics reprinted the series in Dylan Dog Casefiles in 2009 with new cover art by Mike Mignola (Hellboy). You can probably find one at any of the bankrupt Borders stores or just wait for Amazon to totally screw up a sale on graphic novels again and get it for 75% off then.

It’s a big hit in Italy, like some kind of Indonesian Supergirl I hear. So the film is being released in Italy on March 16, 2011. The trailer is in Italian . . . go figure. Take a gander at it . . . gather your thoughts . . . reflect on life in general . . . then meet me down below.


OK, who else thought they were watching the Halloween special of an Italian soap opera? I kept waiting for the big music and face mugging at the camera to let me know when something important and emotional had happened.

So hearing Brandon in Italian was kinda weird. Overall I think this will be a fun ride.  It’s like they crossed Blade with The Da Vinci Code. It’s got Kurt Angle in it . . . he’s a werewolf. Yes, wrestling superstar Kurt Angle . . . don’t get you WWF panties in a wad. You know it’s gotta be a movie of campy goodness with Kurt Angle or ANY wrestling superstar in it.

OH yeah . . . there was an English version released of the trailer. I just got some giggles making you check out the Italian version . . . I’m a Nerdbastard after all. You can check it out after the jump

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