Kevin Nash


Impulse hating on the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot is hard to resist when the production keeps showing us one visually disturbing character realization after another. The latest reboot bungle to incite finger pointing, snickering, and jokes galore, is this new look at the films Chief villain – Shredder.  Hit the jump to check out Shredder in all his High-Tech-Ginsu-Knife glory. (more…)

It’s that time again for the Superhero Roundup. It has all the news that was too small to have its own spotlight, but too juicy to pass up. Sneak peeks for today’s roundup include details on ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’, ‘Thor’ DVD details, Kevin Nash Ghost Rider 2 rumor, Cap’n America rings bell at NY stock exchange and details on John Carter of Mars.


Collider unleashed some details of Marc Webb‘s Spidey reboot from screenwriter Steve Kloves. Alas, he tip-toes around talking about anything too story specific, but he speaks to how the film will be grounded in reality, talks sequels and also mentions that Peter Parker will be making his own web-shooters. Go to Collider for the full story, but here are the  abbreviated highlights.

Kloves says the tone will be more naturalistic and this movie will be more grounded in reality than Raimi’s trilogy.

..I said, ‘I can’t do ‘shazam!’ dialogue, that’s not what I do. If you wanna do the Peter Parker I knew as a kid reading the comic book, I can do that, because it was grounded in exactly what you said, reality.’ So they said ‘Yes that’s what we want, we want you to come in and write Peter Parker as a real character.’

I wrote this very, very naturalistically. A lot of humor, but naturalistic humor, not jokes. But really trying to make them seem like real characters. I think Peter Parker’s a great character, and I certainly think Emma’s character is a fantastic character, Gwen. I wouldn’t have done it if they wanted me to do, ‘Hey look in the sky!’ I don’t know how to do that, I can’t do that. I realize that’s the wrong character but…