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Just in case you didn’t know how you’d be spending the rest of your afternoon, Comedy Central has just posted every Key & Peele skit, including 176 that have not been released online before, along with a bunch of uncensored ones, for free. No sign up, no monthly charge, no suggested donation, just all the Key & Peele you can watch before you have to stop to pee. Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are at the top of their comedic game. (more…)

Key & Peele Explain What Happened To ‘Gremlins 2’


If you’ve ever wondered how the majority of sequels get knocked off track and can’t hold a candle to the original, then this video from Key & Peele will help you put all the pieces together. “It’s called brainstorming, not brain drizzling, sweet pea,” intones Star Magic Jackson, Jr (Peele) as he waxes fabulous to Key’s spot-on Joe Dante. Comedy maestros Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele take a stab at Hollywood’s questionable sequel-making process in this bit. For a taste of some killer movie making riffing, hit the jump.


Key & Peele Is Coming To An End

Key & Peele

If you are a fan of Comedy Central’s sketch comedy series Key & Peele, you probably understand that the Liam Neesons is a badass, as is the racist ass Mellie Gibson.  You understand that sometimes, it’s better to just let a woman forget her jacket than to chase after her, trying to return that jacket, especially if that woman’s name is Meegan.  Fans of the series understand that sometimes, the best party you can have is a party with your action figure peeps, even if it leads to a change in your food delivery choices.  These aren’t just hilarious sketches created in the minds of creators Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele: they really are rules for life.  Now, after five seasons of putting the pussy on the chain wax, the hilarious series is coming to an end. (more…)


Yesterday the Internet was afire with rumors about Max Landis writing the Ghostbusters 3 script. Landis quickly dashed those rumors, but as we all know, the Internet can be a bull terrier when it gets its teeth into something and won’t let go. Landis decided, after multiple requests, to tweet out his pitch for Ghostbusters 3. (more…)

police academy

As if the powers-that-be haven’t done enough evil things in their lives, now they’re looking to reboot a franchise that not only does not need one, but one that will be functionally destroyed by the very idea of bringing in a new cast. Yes folks, Police Academy – The Rebootening is on its way. And you have the comedic team of Key & Peele to thank for it. (more…)