Kick-Ass 3

Is ‘Kick-Ass 3’ Happening Or Not?


I loved the first ‘Kick-Ass,’ but found it exceptionally violent. It’s a pretty brutal and honest display of how it would really go down for a schmoe playing vigilante in the real world. When the sequel rolled around, we saw a more polished and experienced fighter at the point, which was a relief not having to see the hero get beat up as often. There was a funky Justice League vs. Legion Of Doom thing happening that appealed to me despite the sudden air of implausibility the movie took on. Unlike the first film, nobody would call this one a “success,” and one has to wonder if there’s even a call for a part 3. In the comic, the trilogy is wrapped. Do the creators of this universe have any secrets to tell about on-screen closure? (more…)


Today Mark Millar, who’s been working as a creative consultant for Fox‘s Marvel properties, chatted with about X-Men: Days of Future Past and he’s got news that’s really going to please fans. One word: SENTINELS. Readers of the source material know the giant, robotic, brute squad play an integral part in the time-traveling storyline,

I don’t really want to give too much away but the Sentinels are a big feature of this story. They will be cool and this will deliver on all of the teasers. We’ve all been waiting for this ever since X-Men: The Last Stand showed us one of their heads. Now it is finally coming, and we only have to pay ten quid to see it in the cinema.

Sound awesome, except for The Last Stand reference, please don’t make me relive that nightmare. Millar also praises the script and director Bryan Singer‘s handling of the rather large cast,

Singer is excellent at working with ensemble casts. So with this one I feel it is all fine. I have read the screenplay and it doesn’t feel rushed and it doesn’t feel like it is too many characters.

I think the best comparison I can give is to Star Trek – that is an ensemble but it never feels as if there is not enough time with any one character. Or maybe Lost – that is an ensemble but every character gets their own moment to shine. So as long as everyone is there for a reason there doesn’t need to be a problem with so many characters. This is a beautifully structured film, and it is a time travel story so the structure has to be especially strong.

Of the returning cast members, and by that I mean those who didn’t appear in First Class, Ellen Page will have a large and important role to play. No specifics from Millar but he promises, “Kitty Pride fans will not be disappointed.” I’m a fan of Kitty, and more a fan of Page’s now than I was when she was Kitty, so I’m mixed on this. What do you think of Page reprising the role and having a bigger presence?

In addition to all the Days of Future Past chatter, Millar had some news on a proposed Kick-Ass 3,

Kick-Ass 3 is going to be the last one though. I told Universal this and they asked me, ‘What does that mean?’ I said, ‘It means that this is where it all ends.’ They said, ‘Do they all die at the end?’ I said, ‘Maybe’ – because this is a realistic superhero story. And if someone doesn’t have a bullet proof vest like Superman and doesn’t have Batman’s millions then eventually he is going turn around the wrong corner and get his head kicked in or get shot in the face [laughs]. So Kick-Ass needs to reflect that. There has to be something dramatic at the end, he cannot do this for the rest of his life.

Keep in mind Kick-Ass 3, the comic, hasn’t come out so what’ll be covered in the threequel is really up in the air. And I’d like to point out it’d be Batman wearing the bullet proof vest, not Superman. Unless Millar mispoke and meant to say bullet proof chest, that’d be more accurate.

Anyway, does the opportunity to see the Sentinels wreaking havoc on the big screen send you into a tizzy? Are you worried Days of Future Past will falter with too many freakin’ mutants like some X-Men films have before it? Kick-Ass 3, too soon to think about?

Kick-Ass 2 releases this year on June 28 and X-Men: Days of Future Past follows next year, July 18, 2014.

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