Kiera Knightley


Even before Deadpool was a blockbuster success during its opening weekend, fans were crowing that Deadpool was going to rock their comic book movie world. FOX was also very confident in the new movie, green-lighting a sequel before that opening weekend. After that incredible box office crushing weekend, no one could deny the speeding train that was Ryan ReynoldsDeadpool would continue steam on to greater heights. Deadpool himself teased a return with Cable in the post credits, but we all know that there has to be more than just Cable in the sequel. Let the Deadpool 2 Character Rumor Mill grind… (more…)


It’s in the air, it’s in random posts in your social media feed, it’s all over YouTube:¬†Deadpool¬†is coming and while the first screening reactions have gone from enthusiastic to somewhat reserved, the hype-train is still chugging along at maximum speed as February 12th is inching ever closer. In keeping with the grand tradition of pop-culture movie leaks, we have information regarding both post-credit sequences in the movie and we are going to reveal them to you…right now.