With print media being a lost relic, DC has taken a bold step towards the future. Announcing that users of the iPad, Kindle and Nook will now be able to download all DC comics past, present and future. Prior to this you had a very limited selection available through Apple’s iBookstore, the Kindle Store, and Nook store.

A DC rep had this to say;

” As e-readers and tablets continue to explode in popularity it’s important for us to offer consumers convenience and choice in how they download digital comics and graphic novels and these new distribution deals with the top three e-bookstores do just that,” said Jim Lee, co-publisher, DC Entertainment. “We’re very excited to work with Amazon, Apple and Barnes & Noble to bring bestselling DC Comics and Vertigo periodicals to their e-bookstores.”

While we are excited that the same books that made us happy in childhood will now reach a younger audience, we are saddened that an entire generation may never know the distinctly musty smell of a comic shop, the awkward glances peering from atop a comic, plastic sleeve protectors, and….  We might need just a minute.

Source: ComicBookMovie

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