Kirby Krackle

Or your Zune, if you have a Zune, did anyone actually ever have a Zune?

Let’s face it, the mainstream music scene is a wasteland of terrible premanufactured pop bands meant to sell products more than perform music. As we go through this crazy think called life it is hard enough to find a decent soundtrack to it on the radio. Couple that with our unique tastes as nerd,s geeks, and freaks and sometimes you have to work harder than a cat trying to bury a turn on a marble floor to find something worth listening to. Where is our music? We are here to help.

Nerds rock, so do geeks and we’re going to prove it. The following ten acts cover the spread of Nerd Rock, Hip Hop and, music in general. Some you may know, some will be new to you. ALL should be enjoyed.

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Seattle, Washington’s very own “Geek Rockers” Kirby Krackle are at it again with a brand new music video, the fourth from their E for Everyone Album. Their third animated video, once again animated by Betsy Lee, this video relies heavily on Green Lantern Hal Jordan kick some serious space ass. Nerd points to Kyle and Jim for having the whole band animated in the video.

Power by will, sound from Gibson

This should be included in the Green Lantern soundtrack, if not at least give it a part in the special features for the DVD. How many bands like a comic book character to write songs about them? Not many but these guys do it with class.

Via: Kirby Krackle

Kirby Krackle’s “Secret Identity” Made Into an Animated Video

Film’s like Kick-Ass inspired a surge of real life super heroes in various places all over North America. Ordinary people that got tired of seeing crimes unpunished or a cause being ignored. These people have been ridiculed by officers of the law and sometimes the very people they try to help, with no thanks or reward for themselves. Seattle based nerd rock band Kirby Krackle inadvertently pays tribute to the living hero, who has the ordinary job by day and lives behind the mask at night. Now they have another animated music video to accompany the costumed hero’s “Secret Identity”.

Do Super heros need an ID when they get arrested?

The third animated video, created by Besty lee, from the sophomore album Rated E For Everyone. If you haven’t already heard of the duo of Kyle Stevens and Jim Demonakos just yet, then watch this video and get your mind blown.

You can thank us after you’re done wiping your brains off the ceiling.

Via: Kirby Krackle Music

Nerd Music: Kirby Krackle’s Zombie Apocalypse


Kirby Krackle has done it again as this time we get a song about the Zombie Apocalypse and pretty much the negatives about it. Also, they have an animated video to go along with it and it’s done by two former Metalocalypse animator, Damon O’Keefe and Daisy Church. Check the video out as it’s just nothing but nerd goodness and also check out their other videos we have posted by them, such as the Wolverine song, Nerd Love song, and a Mega Man song.

Source: Kirby Krackle’s Home Page, Kirby Krackle’s YouTube Page

Screen shot 2010-08-22 at 10.11.54 PM

Kirby Krackle has done it once again with the song, “Take It From Me,” a song about Mega Man. That’s right, the band that brought us the awesome song about Wolverine and about nerd love (which had the Konami code in it), has made a song about Capcom’s Blue Bomber. The video is done by the same artist who did the Up, Up, Down, Down video and it shows Mega Man running with the lyrics being shown on the bottom. Me being the nerd that I am, loved the lyrics and knew immediately about who they were talking about when they mentioned certain robot masters. If you liked the other two songs then take it from me (see what I did there), you’ll have no problem liking this one.

Source: Kirby Krackle’s Site


Up, up, down, down, left, right, left right, B, A, (sometimes) select, start. The good old Konami code that most people will remember with Contra. The band that brought us that great Wolverine song/music video, Kirby Krackle, has made another song for nerds to enjoy listening to. The song is about how some dude who falls in love with some gamer chick and how he was shy at approaching her, but it seems to work out. Of course, if you want to know how it ends, check the video out as it’s another great song. Who knows, maybe some of y’all can relate to it.

Source: Great White Snark, Kirby Krackle’s Website

A Week with Wolverine Music Video


As any comic book fan knows, Wolverine has some of the busiest days in the entire Marvel universe. He is on the Avengers, the X-Men, the super-secret X-Force, as well as makes cameos in numerous other titles and one-shots every month.

Just how does he get through the weeks?

Nerd rockers Kirby Krackel decided to take on this very problem with their new song “On and on,” about the trials and tribulations of Wolverine, everyone’s favorite Canuck (and fyi, as a Canadian, my vote means something).

And for those curious about Wolverine’s schedule, the full video can be found below the jump.

It’s a great song with some very creative lyrics, but see for yourself. Here is a sample of the chorus to get you interested:

Monday comes, fly to the Savage Land.
Tuesday rooftop battles with a gang of Hand.
On and on and on it goes.
And on and on and on it goes until,
Wednesday morn filled up with bullet wounds.
Thursday night tearing up the Wrecking Crew.
On and on and on it goes,
And on and on and on it goes.