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He’s seen The Exorcist about 167 times, and it keeps getting funnier every single time he sees it! Beetlejuice, love him or hate him, you can’t deny he is defiantly ‘the ghost with the most‘. [garabating]

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Witness what might be the greatest costume…ever. For a dog anyway. Meet the Wampug.

Chubbs is owned by uber Star Wars fan, Star Wars Chick. She says,

Every year I make a new costume for my girl Chubbs and this year was no exception. This year she became the dreaded Hoth Wampug! Here she coming directly from her photoshoot and looking cute as can be!

I take  back everything I’v ever said about how dumb and pathetic animals look dressed in costumes. Because this is too awesome, too adorable, and guys, she’s a Wampug. Fuck, if they could collect the DNA of the fictional creature, the Wampa, and blend it with a pug’s, it would be the single greatest pet ever. (Laughing Squid)


From the very beginning where Kirby proclaims “It’s Kirby, Bitch, and I’m bringin’ the Heat” to the each fucking crazy battle to the final star ride, this video brings it on, what!?

For a pink blob, he’s got a lot of gall in this video. I was very amused by the Tree and their verbal/fighting battle. My favorite part is where he thinks he’s killed the second boss, but it reappears and Kirby exclaims “Hey I thought I killed you man, Get off my back!”.  I loved the match up of  lyrics to whoever was playing the game that was recorded.  The Side Quest gets props for putting out an awesome pairing of shit talking rap with a, mostly, well played game.  The old-school games like this make for very amusing projects like this one, but it takes some originality to take the time to match action with words that work. And did I mention the shit-talking? Yeah its funny.  Watch for yourself and see what you think!]

source: dorkly


Our friends at Dorkly nabbed (OK, created) a series of images of well known video game characters encountering the new TSA security checks. It seems that not even video game characters are safe from the TSA pat-downs.

From characters such as the loud Toadstool to the lovable Kirby, to White Bomber (Bomberman) to Master Chief, we got a few images that I’m sure most of you will enjoy.

So click after the jump to check out rest of the images while I sit here and imagine the type of rampage Kratos will cause after having his “Gods of War” groped.

Source: Dorkly


Screen shot 2010-11-21 at 11.25.43 PM

Do you remember those classic video game sound effects – Mario jumping, MegaMan firing his gun, etc…?

I remember playing those games and making them so they sounded like popular music, and apparently TheGameStation had the exact same idea and decided to get YouTube MysteryGuitarMan to create a little music video for them.

It’s VERY catchy, and filled me with nostalgia for those old games.

Check out the very cool video below!


As we get older (and grumpier), it seems that game characters usually just stay the same and look better as technology gets better. What if these characters actually showed their age as the years go by. Well, Dorkly got a set of pictures of known video game characters in their aged form and what they would be doing in the real world. No, not the MTV show but our world. Check after the jump to see how these game characters are deal with life in their old age and see if Slippy finally gets the respect he deserve. (more…)

Alphabet Of Video Game Icons


While we may have seen quite the amount of alphabet’s here on NerdBastards, this one puts nothing but a huge smile on my face. Francis Acupan drew some memorable icons that any gamer will recognize. Of course, from this picture, we can see which of the three console company he is a fan of but at least he gave some love to the other two. Check after the jump for a bigger image to see exactly what icon is what since he wrote descriptions of them on the image.

What If: Dr. Mario Had Lyrics???

If you want a real good laugh watch this video concocted by brentalfloss and Parker Simmons…and I will bet, you will probably watch it more then once. I know I did only because it is f*ckin hilarious!!! Good ol’ Dr. Mario is here to cure you, and in more then one way! Not only will he fondle your balls, like he did for Wario, he will also pull crabs out of your girlfriends’ cooch, like he did for Princess. And if you notice, Dr. Mario plays the b*tch in the Mario-Wario relationship; after all, he does have a tramp stamp. He hands out “pills for all your ills,” and good thing too because those shrooms weren’t doing a god damned thing to help me! Poor Kirby has meningitis and Link has hepatitis. But the real winner here is Bowser with HPV. Why you ask? HPV in men is more likely to cause penile or anal cancer, or warts. Poor Bowser…..

Thanks to geekologie for this gem!