Kirby’s Epic Yarn


Back in August, the awesome folks over at Dorkly brought us wonderful books from the Mushroom Kingdom and this time they introduce us to 7 memoirs from the video game world.

From the Minecraft spoof shown above to King Hippo from Punch Out as well as a memoir from a Star Wars character. Check after the jump to see all 7 and see if there’s one you would really want to read.

Source: Dorkly


G.R.O.W. is back but only in “lite” form since Tuesday is done and over with. But that shouldn’t stop you from checking out what came out last week and this week as there are a good amount releases that has happen.

Since this will be the  lite edition, only the major console releases has been listed as well as some downloadable game you should check out. G.R.O.W. will be back in its full glory next but for now, check after the jump to see if there is anything coming out that will make your wallets cry!



With E3 officially starting today, will Nintendo reveal anything big as they have people waking up early for their press conference. Will we see the 3DS or some sort of Wii HD to make gamers happy? Let’s just hope they don’t have another Wii Vitality Sensor moment and have another dumb add-on that only works for two games. Of course, they can make it all up with a new Zelda. Check after the jump to see what was revealed and announced.