So remember last week when it was announced that Idris Elba was being courted to play the villain in the upcoming Star Trek 3? Funny story, a lot of people, including us, jumped to the conclusion that Elba, whose deep voice and stature would be ideally suited for the part, was playing a Klingon. Really though, who can blame us? Since the promotion rounds for Star Trek Into Darkness there’s been semi-confirmed rumors that the role of the warrior race would be expanded in the third Trek, but there’s been a huge change in management since then. And now, one of the new screenwriters of Trek 3 is saying don’t count your Klingons before they’ve hatched. (more…)


There’s been no shortage of acting talent across the nearly 50 year history of the Star Trek franchise, and the rebooted Star Trek movie series has been no exception. After Eric Bana took on the Romulan Nero in 2009’s Star Trek, and Benedict Cumberbatch stepped into the role of the genetically enhanced John Harrison Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness, it looks like Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise will face their most fearsome foe yet in the upcoming Star Trek 3 directed by Justin Lin. Although the villains in the two J.J. Abrams‘ films haven’t been their strongest components, you’re going to be keeping your fingers crossed when the Summer of 2016 rolls around, and Idris Elba makes his Trek debut. (more…)


Move out of the way, Iron Man! It’s now time to talk about Star Trek Into Darkness. Actually, for Simon Pegg and J.J. Abrams, it’s time to talk about Star Wars Episode VII. In a new video from Sky Movies, the duo talk about their love for the Star Wars franchise, and, amongst other things, Abrams’ trepidation about tackling a film series that’s meant so much to him.

Let’s roll the tape (via Cinema Blend) and learn which character Pegg (perhaps speciously) would like to see spun-off:

Speaking of the future, and more specifically Star Trek’s future after Into Darkness, co-producer and co-writer Damon Lindelof was asked about it by Hey U Guys (via Comic Book Movie) on the red carpet before the film’s LA premiere. Lindelof seemed to indicate that there’s already been discussions about the direction of Star Trek 3 (or Star Trek XIII), and the important lesson he learned from Lost in regards to planning for the future.

“I think that is a reasonable conclusion. You should always know where you’ve been, you should always know where you are, but most importantly, and I learned this from Lost, you should know where you’re going. […] You can never see enough Klingons, and I think in this film we’ve given the audience a little taste, but there’s also a promise that there’s a larger conflict on the horizon, and that would be fun to see.”

It might be nice to see a movie dedicated to the Klingons, as they’ve been a part of both rebooted Trek movies (even though those scenes were cut from Star Trek I). They look pretty bad ass in the rebooted universe, at least.


Star Trek Into Darkness is out in theaters on May 17, 2013.




What the HELL?

Okay, let’s see if we can make any sense out of this: If you’ll recall, last year Michael Dorn was pitching a standalone, direct-to-DVD movie, or series of movies focused exclusively on Worf as Captain of his own ship, these were Dorn’s words to Trek Movie that started the whole mess:

“He is out there in the front lines basically chasing terrorists. I think we will have some of our Star Trek people in it, but mostly new characters. It will be interwoven into the fabric of Star Trek. And also what are we going through right now?”

Dorn claimed to be writing the screenplay himself, and stated that it would be a darker, edgier story than previous Trek properties. He continued, discussing his vanity project in relation to the JJ Abrams reboot series:

“Who wouldn’t want to have this kind of thing going on? It is going to help their movie. The fans aren’t going ‘We are going to see this movie, but we aren’t going to go see the big movie in the theater,'” he said. “I have [a] couple meetings I want to do before [meeting with CBS]. First with Rick Berman, who produced all of our shows, just to see what he thinks. Then my manager. And I know people at Syfy. And I’ll just start gathering information. If anything happens it is going to be next year, because I have a bunch of stuff to do this year. I have already started writing the script, and excuse my language, but it’s @#$!-ing great.”

That was last May–and Dorn was still talking about the idea as though it were a thing in September:

“Once I started thinking about it, it became obvious to me that I wanted to at least put it out there, which I have, and the response has been pretty amazing. We’ve been contacted by different individuals-I can’t say who and all that-about wanting to come on board and be part of this. Also, there’s all the political stuff going on with the new movies, with J.J. Abrams and Paramount and all that stuff, which I have no clue about and what it all entails, but that’s where it is right now.”

“Interestingly enough it has gotten traction. I was very surprised, I was on a movie not too long ago, where one of the producers was basically lobbying to be part of it. He was like ‘Michael, I’d love to write it, if you haven’t.’ So at this point, my agents and my manager are looking at all the avenues and trying to figure out which is the best one. My agent and manager have been in the business for awhile, so they’re very savvy about where to start and how to get it going. Like I said, in this business you never know and I’ve been through pitching things and I never want to do that again [laughs]. It’s pretty brutal, but definitely I think once again, if Paramount or CBS or anybody thinks this is a viable thing, they’ll jump on it.”

Now look at all of that: That ain’t a passing remark that could easily be taken out of context by overzealous fanboys. No, that’s a man enthusiastically attempting to spread the word about a project he’s truly excited about working on.

So that was last September, now let’s jump ahead to an interview with The Huffington Post published just yesterday. Here’s what Dorn had to say when the interviewer broached the subject of “Worf: The Movie”:

No, that’s not true. There was a blogger last year who asked me that question, and I said that there’s a place for “Star Trek” on TV again, and I had started to write a script. It would feature Worf in the Klingon universe. A lot of people read that and it’s taken on a life of its own. You never know in this business, though, I gotta say.

The FUCK???

So…It’s NOT true…but then it IS, since Dorn admits right there that he was working on a script….and then what? We nerds just took that news and ran with it? Did we make up everything Dorn supposedly said about this project?

Are we simply going mad???

Or was Dorn sick of being rejected by studios to the point that he decided to pretend his pipe dream (which could have been an awesome film, if I may say) never existed?

Source: Blastr

I guess we can say it’s official (unofficially) J.J. Abrams second Star Trek movie, Star Trek Into Darkness, will give Klingons an all new look. Well the look isn’t new per se as it was first (not) seen in 2009’s Star Trek in a scene that ended up on the cutting room floor, but now it’ll hit wide release this May in comic book form. IDW‘s prequel book, meant to bridge the gab between the two movies, will feature everyone’s favorite bearded/turtle headed warrior aliens in it’s forth issue.

I have to say, I kinda like the new look. It is ties in enough with what we have seen before (and let’s be honest, over the past 75 years Klingons have changed their appearance a few times) with just enough of a twist to freshen things up a bit. Par for the course it seems for Abrams mark on the Trek franchise.

You can check out the books cover after the great spoiler protecting jump.


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ABOVE: Lady Skeletor cosplay. I am so tempted to make a “skull f*ck” joke, but that would be inappropriate. [ObviousWinner]


Every day the internet produces an astounding amount of goodies and gems. Most hilarious, some amusing, but all worth at least a few seconds of your time. We here at Nerd Bastards try to bring you the best bits of news and nerdery the webz has to offer, with a bit of snark thrown in. But sometimes not everything makes the cut. Monday through Friday we’ll be bringing you our inbox leftovers, our forgotten bookmarks, the nerdy bits that simply slipped through the cracks. You can submit items to Nerdy Bits by emailing us at nerdybits@nerdbastards.com.

Above: This amazing shot comes from The Zelda Project, a group in Los Angeles determined to bring The Ocarina of Time to life through photography and film. And I’d say they’re on the right track that above photo looks incredible!

The Zelda Project is a Los Angeles, CA based group of friends who seek to bring to life the characters, settings, and overall feel of Ocarina of Time through photography and film. Our ultimate goal is to create the characters as they would appear in reality to the best of our abilities, placing them in beautiful sceneries true to their Hyrulean counterparts, and creating elaborate photosets, as well as a film short (coming soon! Stay tuned for our Kickstarter project!).



Last night’s MTV Movie Awards had a lot of things. It had Russell Brand trying once again to be funny; it had mentions of the Hunger Games and Twilight, both of which won several awards; and it had an extended look at Christopher Nolan‘s The Dark Knight Rises.

Except for Brand, it was a great night. The real treat may have been hidden in plain sight, though.

Viewers of last night’s award show may have witnessed a little sketch involving comedy love child Joel McHale as Lester Boonshaft, archery guru to the stars. And aside from the awesome moment when Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence talked about her “tits”, there was an Easter egg that a lot of people may have missed. Check out the screenshot below and see what we’re talking about:

Yeah, even we missed it too. The astute people over at TrekMovie spotted what appears to be a Klingon behind the head of Star Trek 2 director J.J. Abrams, a race not yet seen in either the theatrical reboot or upcoming film franchise. And it was no accident either.

Fans of the series know that the race was previously seen featured in a deleted scene from Abrams’ first adventure on the Enterprise – it even shares a similar design. Putting two and two together, this appears to be a locked-in thing… but when HitFix reached out to reps for the film and they were “reluctant to go on the record”. Does this reluctance to respond ensure that Klingons will be seen in the Star Trek sequel? The studio still denies that Benedict Cumberbatch is playing Khan so maybe it’s their way of saying “yes”.

Source: Cinema Blend

Technically these still classify as rumors. In my opinion, rumors don’t become facts until they’ve been proven by either the movie itself or those involved in making the movie, and even then studios have been be prone to misdirection before. But Trek Movie, the ever reputable Star Trek movie website, has been able to confirm these spoilers through “multiple sources”, giving them a bit more credence than your usual rumor.

What are they? They’re BIG spoilers, I can tell you that! Hit the jump to learn three very interesting “facts” about Star Trek 2.

Obvious spoiler warning is obvious.