Kung Fu Fighting


The International trailer for Keanu Reeves‘ directorial debut Man Of Tai Chi has hit the Internet. The movie opens stateside sometime later this year. Reeves plays the controller of a Beijing underground fight-to-the-death club who brings in a skilled tai chi practitioner (Tiger Hu Chen, Reeves’ Matrix stuntman and trainer) to fight in his deadly martial arts fighting circus . . . wait, circus(?) . . . I mean circuit.

I went into this thinking I wouldn’t be interested, but after checking out the trailer I think I might just buy a theater ticket. The fight scenes look crisp and interesting and the slippery slope that Chen’s character is put on should provide some entertaining drama.

What do you think?

Via: Deadline

Potter Chan: Hogwart’s Action Hero!

Yung Lee has put together a Harry Potter/Jacky Chan fan video… ’cause who doesn’t appreciate kung-fu fighting, wizarding style? Definitely some goofy fun to be had, at least.

His comments:

A ridiculous idea if Harry Potter and Jacky Chan were combined into one epic movie of magic and might! Thought this would be a fun idea since Harry Potter Deathly Hallows is coming soon and is also the final chapter.

Source: You Bent My Wookie