kyle reese

Terminator Genisys

Marketing for the big releases next year are well under way, and now Paramount have decided to test the water this coming Thursday with the release of the Terminator: Genisys trailer. With the controversy surrounding the images that were released by EW recently, and the story details that have emerged lately, fans are already bracing themselves for more mediocre affair following the release of the terrible McG directed disaster, Terminator Salvation. There has obviously been an effort from director Alan Taylor (Thor: The Dark World) – or at least we hope so – to make a decent film, and we have the original T-800Arnold Schwartzenegger – back on board and not some crappy gimmicky CGI version of him. (more…)


I’m not sure who I was expecting to play Kyle Reese in the new Terminator reboot (or whatever) Terminator: Genesis, but Jai Courtney (A Good Day to Die Hard) and Boyd Holbrook (Out of the Furnace) wouldn’t make the Top 2. They do however make the production’s Top 2, and I guess that’s all that counts. (more…)