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Simon West To Helm Historical Fantasy ‘War Wolf’

Simon West - War Wolf

Simon West, best known for directing Con Air, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and The Expendables 2, has been lined up to oversee forthcoming fantasy epic War Wolf. A 14th Century-set tale of derring do, castles and knights, it centres around the nightmarish ‘Loup de Guerre’, the ferocious War Wolf legend come to life in the middle of a war between English and French, stalking and killing soldiers from both sides. (more…)

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When we last left Lara Croft on the big screen, she was played by Angelina Jolie and under the direction of Jan de Bont. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your opinion of those films), Angelina Jolie refused to return for a third Tomb Raider film, and we haven’t seen Ms. Croft in theaters since. In recent years, the success of 2013’s Tomb Raider video game and the announcement of a new film adaptation of the series has inspired several fan casting articles online. Fans everywhere have been wondering the same thing: who will be the next woman to don the braided ponytail? Today, that question may finally be answered.



The last time someone tried to put Lara Croft: Tomb Raider on the big screen, it was Jan de Bont, the director of Speed and Twister, with the sequel The Cradle of Life. That was a follow-up to 2001’s original Tomb Raider film that was made by Con Air director Simon West. What do those two guys have in common? Well, aside from both being relatively successful action film directors, they’re also both men. Sadly, most of the working directors in Hollywood are still men, which is why gender equality in cinema is taking a leap forward with the news that the producers behind the Tomb Raider reboot are looking for a female director to make a movie about a female hero. (more…)


Okay, so almost everyone will own up to the fact that the Tomb Raider films with Angelina Jolie pretty much blew and most definitely could foresee a reboot happening.  However, recently it has been rumored that the hottie from House, Olivia Wilde may be playing the lead role of Lara Croft in the upcoming films.

Apparently, Wilde’s performance in Tron is what sources say made them want her for the role (are we sure it wasn’t that suit?).  In all seriousness though, I really dig Wilde and most definitely think she would make a great Laura Croft.  She’s a great combination of sexy, sass, and action star to pull it off.

So why exactly make a reboot of Tomb Raider?  Possibly to salvage the name and finally make some good movies to represent it.  It is reported that,

“This would be a far darker and more serious Tomb Raider movie, the idea is to get a top director and an intelligent script and make this an empowering character for women as well as a popular one with men.

Although Wilde’s rep is denying the rumor but there is nothing solid saying for sure that Wilde is not set to play the role.  So do you guys think Wilde would make for one badass Tomb Raider??

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