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It’s hard to imagine, although it has occasionally happened, seeing a Marvel movie where Stan Lee doesn’t cameo. About 50 Marvel movies so far, and only a handful haven’t featured a sneaky appearance by the man who created most of the Marvel Universe, in fact it’s part of the fun of seeing a Marvel movie, wondering where Stan the Man might turn up next. From X-Men to the Hulk, Spider-Man to the Avengers, Lee has worked with them all, which begs the question, does Lee have a favorite among the actors that have brought his characters to life to far? It turns out he does, and the hero in question is painted red, white and blue in costume. (more…)


If you’re still watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (you should be, the last two episodes were pretty great), then you’ve made it past the show”s slow start, specifically its awkward two Pilot episodes, and are really beginning to wonder “just how magical of a place is Tahiti?” Well, luckily for you, both of those questions are getting a bit of some light, recently. (more…)


I can’t help but feel we’re enabling a desperate man’s sickness by posting news like this, but yet again actor/comedian/liquor entrepreneur Dan Aykroyd is talking about the long, long, long, long, long gestating Ghostbusters 3 sequel.


While on Larry King Now, Aykroyd was asked about where the third Ghostbusters movie currently sits, and while they touched on Bill Murray‘s participation (no interest, but door’s open, long story short), Aykroyd did talk about casting the new film, and who and what he might be looking for.

“We’re going to have to cast. We need four new ghostbusters,” Aykroyd said. “We need four new Columbia students.”

“It’s based upon new research that’s being done in particle physics by the young men and women at Columbia University,” he added. “Basically there’s research being done that…I can say that the world or our dimension that we live in, our four planes of existence, length, height, width, and time, become threatened by some of the research that is being done. And Ghostbusters, new Ghostbusters have to come and some the problem.”

Great. Now all Aykroyd needs is a script, a cast, a budget, a film crew and a release date and maybe we’ll see Ghostbusters 3 sometime in the next decade, or at least before the original ‘Busters start turning into Ghosts themselves.

More (non) new as it develops (inevitably).

Source: Comic Book Movie