Yesterday was the 4th of May and unlike the 4th of November people weren’t wearing V for Vendetta masks (Guy Fawkes day is actually the 5th, but gimme a break, I was trying to make a funny quip), they rocked the force. Yes, it was Star Wars day for the world and little children everywhere watched the “proper” trilogy and tried to force choke their pets. In honor of the event, Wicked Lasers –makers of the worlds most powerful lasers- just went Darth Maul.

A simple laser pointer isn’t enough for you, then check out  this double ended Sith version of everyone’s favorite eye blinder.

The Force is strong in this one (wear sunglasses)

Part of their ‘Sith’ line of laser pointers this may not exactly be an evil weapon, it’s blue instead of red, but it’s still pretty cool. Packing 1W of power on each end, this Bobba Fett blaster does however cost $600 in cold hard cash, credits are just chump change. George Lucas might be getting his forces ready to sue the Midi-chlorians out of Wicked lasers with the power of his lawyers. Maybe next year they’ll sell a blaster version?

Wicked Lasers website

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My pants are having trouble containing the imaginary boner I have. Oh. My. God. The geniuses at  Wicked Lasers have crafted the closest thing to a real lightsaber we have ever seen.For this beauty, better known as the Spyder III Pro Arctic how much would you expect to pay? $1,000?… 1,000,000?…YOUR FIRST BORN?!?!?!? The crazy bastards behind this beast are charging TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS for it. THAT’S IT! 200 bucks. Hang out after the jump for all the info and a direct link to purchase…… (more…)