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Step one was getting Spider-Man back to Marvel Studios in the first place, but step two was figuring out just who the heck was going to spin the yarn (web?) for the next solo Spider-Man film director-wise speaking. It would have to be someone capable of managing a big budget with a thorough understanding of the character – like Sam Raimi – and not an indie success that got lucky with one low-budget hit and drowned in a list of studio demands and notes – like Marc Webb. There’s also two studios to please, and it’s probably hard enough just to please one studio as a choice to direct one of their tentpole franchises. So who could possibly come onto Spider-Man that would please all parties. Well, sources say it’s Cabin in the Woods director Drew Goddard. (more…)


Well, that was a fun 24 hours there. There were reports yesterday that got fans excited about the possibility of Spider-Man coming home to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as of 2018, and an appearance in Avengers: Infinity War Part 1, but rumors of Your Friendly Neighborhood Wall-Crawler joining Earth’s Mightiest Heroes seems to have been somewhat exaggerated. According to Sony, anyway. In the back and forth of will-they or won’t-they, a Latino Review column made it sound like a solid “they-will” after a firm “they-won’t” back in December. There’s been a lot of talk about the idea of getting Spider-Man in a Marvel movie since the disappointing critical and audience reaction to The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and while the movie gods answer all prayers, at this moment the answer, it seems, is “no.” (more…)


Nothing beats a good ‘is-Spider-Man-going-back-to-Marvel’ rumor. This one is especially good due to the source that it came from. It’s no secret that Marvel and Sony have been conversing with each other regarding a deal to bring Spidey into Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. We seen some of the conversations that were shared through the Sony Hacks scandal just before Christmas. For some Marvel fans, it looked like Christmas had come early in the form of speculative talks about Spidey returning home.  Supposedly the web-slinger would appear in Marvel’s 2016 release Captain America: Civil War. However, talks dissipated as a deal could not be reached that satisfied both parties. Consequently, the natural assumption was that Spidey was to remain at Sony, and they were unsure how to move forward with the character due to the lackluster performance of The Amazing Spider-Man 2but now we have something a little more concrete. (more…)


Just because we don’t get a lot in terms of verifiable information concerning Star Wars: The Force Awakens, that doesn’t mean that information can’t sometimes get out. One of the most consistent sources of information concerning the new Star Wars sequel has been Latino-Review, and while none of it has been confirmed by anyone in a position of authority on the J.J. Abrams film, that hasn’t stopped the info from coming in on a regular basis. We’ll probably have to wait until the film’s release date next year to know how much of it is true, but somewhat closer to today there’s the matter of the teaser trailer. And according to one writer, not only are we going to see that teaser in the very near future, but they also know what’s in it. (more…)


The lengths we’re going to in order to get these spy pics of Star Wars Episode VII is getting kind of ridiculous, wouldn’t you say? Like paparazzi at a hot celebrity wedding, some serious Star Wars fans have taken to the air to get a look at the Greenham Common set of the newest Wars movie and have revealed some insight into a major action sequence in the film. You may have already seen the photo of the half-built Millennium Falcon from the set, but that set also includes the next generation of X-Wing fighters. With all new details and paint jobs, the space ships look ready for action, and I’m guessing that we’re going to see some substantial action when Episode VII hits theaters next year.

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Let’s get one thing absolutely clear:

Far as I’m concerned, ANY information regarding new Star Wars films that did not originate with a source directly connected to Disney or Lucasfilm will be treated as rumor until confirmed. That doesn’t mean leaked bits of news that pop up here and there are not necessarily accurate–only that info which cannot be traced to a reliable source should not be treated as fact.

That being said, the folks over at Latino Review have got a couple of doozies for us today. Follow me after the jump for what the Episode VII rumor mill is currently churning out:  (more…)


Harrison Ford is 71 (but lets face it, he doesn’t look a day over 57) and both Steven Spielberg and George Lucas think it might be time to fill the fedora with a more youthful head of sandy brown hair. Now, half of male Hollywood just called their tailor, hoping to be fit for their own beige suit to audition in. Which begs the question: who will be the Sean Young of this situation?



Coming to you fresh from that inexhaustible source of dubious nerd news, El Mayimbe of Latino Review.

On the heels of similarly unlikely whisperings regarding Nightwing and Green Lantern, El Mayimbe is now claiming that sources have informed him Zack Snyder‘s highly anticipated Man of Steel sequel: Batman vs. Superman is seeking an African-American actor in his early twenties who is also physically fit. And I’m not just being lazy here–that’s exactly who he claims he got this info from: “SOURCES”. (more…)


It’s getting close to that time. Star Wars Episode VII is expected to start shooting some time in the new year so we should start hearing genuine casting news anytime now. In the meantime though, we’ll settle for rumor, and Latino Review has got something compelling, obscure enough to seem plausible yet still kind of easy to write off.

The rumor is that Rachel Hurd-Wood and Alex Pettyfer are looking like strong possibilities for the lead roles in the new trilogy of films that will be shepherded by director J.J. Abrams. To reiterate, they are possibilities, not confirmed casting choices. They have auditioned for the parts, and they seem well liked, and that is all.

First up is Hurd-Wood, an English actress who played Wendy in the live-action Peter Pan from 2003 and went on to appear in the films Perfume: The Story of a Murderer and Soloman Kane. As per previous reports, the young female part is supposedly the main character, and according to Latino Review she’s the daughter of Han Solo and Princess Leia. As for Pettyfer, who’s a bit more well known for his appearances in I Am Number Four, Magic Mike, and the current number one movie in the country Lee Daniel’s The Butler, Latino Review says he looks likely for playing the new son of Skywalker, Luke that is.

Now here’s the part when I say all this is rumor, none of it’s confirmed, and we’ll only know for certain when formal casting announcements are made. Disclaimer over.

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Gosling Rep Denies ‘SW7’ Casting Rumors


It was just two days ago that we here at Nerdbastards reported the rumor, via Latino Review, that Ryan Gosling was in talks to play the son of Luke Skywalker in J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: Episode VII.

Today, we have our first official denial from a Gosling representative, who stated in an email to HuffingtonPost Entertainment:

This is not true.

Latino Review also reported that Zac Efron was up for a role in the highly anticipated sequel, but neither Efron nor his people have challenged the veracity of this claim as of  yet.

As it is, it seems Gosling would prefer not to do ANY acting for the time being. He was quoted saying back in March:

“I’ve been doing it too much. I’ve lost perspective on what I’m doing. I think it’s good for me to take a break and reassess why I’m doing it and how I’m doing it. And I think this is probably a good way to learn about that. I need a break from myself as much as I imagine the audience does.”

Further rumors and denials of rumors are inevitably to come.

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