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Arrow fans have been scratching their collective heads ever since it was revealed that the Green Arrow-based TV series’ version of Black Canary will NOT be Katie Cassidy‘s Laurel Lance, but instead will be a new character played by Caity Lotz.

Here’s what Arrow executive producer Andrew Kreisberg had to say:

There’s been a bit of misinformation printed out there. The character [Lotz is] playing is really the beginning of the story of the Black Canary … Everyone knows that Laurel Lance is the Black Canary … But how we get from A to B is the story of our show … Laurel Lance right now is a lawyer with a lot of heart and a lot of humanity and courage. But it takes more than that to put on the mask and go out and fight crime. Our series is the evolution of that. People will see how Caity Lotz fits into Laurel’s journey along the way. For us, it’s very emotional and surprising and exciting. I would say to everybody, we haven’t let you down so far. Keep going on this ride with us.

Arrow star Stephen Amell also added:

Everything on the show so far, be it Tommy Merlin (Colin Donnell) not becoming the Dark Archer or Thea Queen (Willa Holland) being called Speedy in the pilot, but then the introduction of Roy Harper (Colton Haynes) or even Malcolm Merlin (John Barrowman) really being the Dark Archer, everything on the show is designed to take your expectation and take the comic lore and maybe flip it on its head a little bit.

CW president Mark Pedowitz revealed the truth about the character at The CW’s Television Critics Association summer press day — the new Black Canary is Laurel’s sister, Sara (AND the woman Oliver cheated on Laurel with), who was assumed dead in the Arrow pilot after the shipwreck of the Queen’s Gambit.

I guess what Arrow viewers should take from all of this is: Just because you know DC canon when it comes to these characters, don’t assume you know everything that’s gonna happen on THIS show…

Source: Huffpost TV

In a breaking and exclusive report from Entertainment Weekly, it’s been announced Alex Kingston – known to many of us as The Doctor’s wife, River Song, but mentioned by EW as former ER actress – will be playing mother to Laurel (Katie Cassidy) on the CW’s Arrow. Her character, Dinah Lance, is Detective Lance’s (Paul Blackthorne) ex-wife and will be returning to Starling City in the coming episodes to reunite with her family, whom she abandoned after her other daughter’s tragic death.

Can we talk about how freakin’ incredible this is!?! River Song is playing the original Black Canary! Okay, there’s no confirmation we’ll be seeing Kingston in fishnets or acting as a fellow vigilante to Stephen Amell‘s The Hood, but still. THIS. IS. AWESOME. And really, by casting Kingston they’re clearly going for a feisty woman who doesn’t take anyone’s shit and doesn’t that just scream Dinah?

Is this not some of the best casting news you’ve heard in a long time? Oooh! How great would it be for her and John Barrowman, Malcom Merlyn on Arrow, to have a scene together?

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