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The Walking Dead returns to AMC on October 14th which means prepare for promotional onslaught! To begin with we ‘ve got these stunning, up close and personal portraits from the Huffington Post,


I’m so excited for people to meet Michonne. What’ll be weird, as well as interesting, is meeting Michonne through her interactions with Andrea and the Governor – whom Entertainment Weekly has some new shots of you can see below – as opposed to joining the group at the prison. In fact the whole switch up of having Andrea and Michonne separated from the group and set up in Woodbury in the first place is gonna be weird. But I’m excited to see what they do with this twist.

Danai Gurira , Laurie Holden, and David Morrissey, the actors responsible for Michonne, Andrea, and the Governor, also spoke to EW about their characters in Season 3.

Gurira: For Michonne, it’s the first time she has opened up since her trauma happened, which occurred at the beginning of the apocalypse. So Andrea is the first person she’s really been able to open up to, to love, to care for, take care of. I think there’s a lot of yearning in her humanity to be able to do that with somebody. And she’s found the person for her.

Holden: She asked a lot of questions at first and she was a bit wary, but the Governor is very seductive — in a calm, loving sense. If you look around, everybody seems happy; there are children playing ball with dogs, and pregnant women walking around happier than clams, and there are cellos in the street being set up for the blues band. It’s pretty idyllic.

Morrissey: People in the world that we inhabit need structure, they need to feel safe, and he provides that. And I think any leader of any community has to earn trust. And the idea of power is a really interesting idea of how people keep their power in a community. They keep it in all different ways. They can keep it by being generous, by facilitating your good life by giving you gifts. But they can also take those gifts away, they can be intimidating. They can be powerful, they can protect you from the enemy, whether that protection is just a fight or not, or whether they create the feeling of paranoia in order to suppress it. That is a great game that politicians and power-hungry people do. I think he does all those things. The world that has been created plays into his hands.

What are you most excited for this season?

Source: MTV’s Splash Page, The Mary Sue

For those of us not in attendance at Comic-Con, Twitter is a wonderful, wonderful thing. Sure, it in no way compares to actually being there, in the room, when big announcements are made but at least now we can learn these things instantly. And what did we learn instantly from The Walking Dead panel? AMC‘s hit zombie series will shamble back on to our screens October 14th. That’s only about 13 weeks away!

If you need more Walking Dead updates than 140 characters can handle, Cinema Blend was running a live blog of the panel. Here’s some highlights,

  • The prison set will look “amazing “and was created entirely on set.
  • The intensity level will start where it ended in Season 2 and keeps going from there.
  • Worried about the lack of zombies in Season 2? Apparently they were hanging back for Season 3 because “there will be a lot of them.” Including new animatronic puppets and new visual effects.
  • An iconic moment from the comic we can expect to see is Michonne (Danai Gurira) facing the Governor (David Morrisey). It’ll be in episode six which is written by Angela Kang.
  • We’ll see Andrea (Laurie Holden) and Michonne bonding while they’re separate from the group, Holden refers to Michonne as the “alpha female.”
  • Sarah Wayne Callies says she knows a lot pf people are mad at her, or rather Lori. “Uh, I’m Sarah. I play a home-wrecker on TV.”
  • Steve Yeun says Glenn’s gonna be, “”manning up and doing what he’s supposed to be doing.”
  • Andrew Lincoln on Rick, “”Rick has isolated himself from the group and his marriage. That’s the way that he is protecting everybody. It’s a really interesting way to start the season.”

And here’s a clip description of a scene screened at the panel,

Michonne using her sword, a helicopter takes flight (and is in trouble). Beth’s singing around the fire. Walkers at the prison. Maggie screams (gives me chills!) Rick says “We have to go in there. Hand to hand. This prison is ours.” Cut to inside the prison. Seems like they found a secure cell block. Shot of Andrea inside somewhere with Michonne. Scary scenes in the dark through prison corridors, trying to get past walkers. “You’re not prisoners here, you’re guests,” The Governor (I think). “Welcome to Woodbury.” Andrea telling him about the others. Implied stand-off between Rick and the Governor. “Fight the Dead. Fear the Living,” the text reads. Ends with Rick firing a gun. And then goes back for one image. Merl! He said something but people were cheering too loudly to hear.

Make sure you check out Cinema Blend for the whole panel recap! And believe me, if a grainy, bootleg version of that screened footage shows up online we’ll make sure to post it for ya.

UPDATE! You can watch the official – yay! no grainy footage – Walking Dead season three trailer here!

Dragon Con 2011 hosted a ‘Walking Dead’ cast Q&A panel.   A panel about Zombies in the same city the series is based in?  Genius I tell you.

The Walking Dead Panel consisted of Jon Bernthal (Shane Walsh), Laurie Holden (Andrea), Steven Yeun (Glenn), Chandler Riggs (Carl Grimes), Madison Lintz (Sophia Peletier) and Addy Miller (the fucking scary zombie child from the opening episode). The rest of the cast, were apparently off shooting the second season.

There’s lots of fun questions and responses in tne 30 minute video below. However, there was almost zero mention of Frank Darabont. In fact, the audience was asked not once, but eight times to refrain from asking questions about Darabont. Personally, that pisses me off. Darabont left, I can accept that. What I don’t get is why this has to be a “No No” subject. Fans are curious, it should be addressed.

Let us hope that the show doesn’t go down the crapper without Darabont.


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Before I get to today’s Walking Dead update with comments by the cast and crew members, I’m going to put myself in front of the firing squad and say that I am not looking forward to season two (which won’t air till the fall). The AMC drama, based upon Robert Kirkman’s wildly popular comics about a small band of humans’ survival tactics against a nationwide zombie epidemic. The first season was well received. Reaching critical praise and strong ratings. It was well acted, well directed, very cinematic and DID successfully capture what the human spirit would be like during an actual zombie apocalypse. So where’s the complaint? It digressed from the source material. Significantly. New characters and new situations were added (Red necks, a gang that takes care of elderly at a nursing home, Finale at the Center of Disease Control.. etc). Ultimately, it was something different than what I had read in the comics. Was it better, was it worse? That’s up for debate, but it just wasn’t what I, or many fans had wanted. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Or, I’ll fling my poo at you. Know what I’m sayin’? Ya, I know when something is adapted its subject to interpretation. I’ve accepted that fact in many cases, but in this scenario it’s not goddamn right! Shooting page to screen would give AMC a better product. Period.

Anyway, it was with much hope that Frank Darabont and other creatives behind the show would put our post-apocalyptic survivors get back on the Kirkman track. They should be makin’ a quick stop to a farm (Hershel’s Farm) to pick new permanent members, deal with some shit, and head on down to the prison. Where a lot… like a lot happens. The latter, unfortunately, sounds like it’s far off, but from what I hear things are going to be a hell of a lot more sexier and violent along the way.

E ONLINE Recently conducted an interview with some of the cast and crew of the hit AMC show. Here’s what they had to say:

Laurie Holden Who plays Andrea was asked about where season two for the show would be heading:

“I know we’re going to arrive at Hershel’s Farm, which is a huge part of the next chapter of storytelling I think it’s going to get sexier and more violent.”

She was also asked if here characters relationship from the comics with the much older Dale, to which she replied with this:

“I think that’s definitely in the cards, I mean come on, it’s the end of the world.”

Robert Kirkman, the creator of the comic series and executive producer of the show confirmed that some time will be spent at Hershal’s Farm during the second season as well as show the relationship between Glenn and Hershal’s daughter Maggie:

“Anyone who’s read the comic book knows Hershel has a daughter named Maggie, and Maggie has a relationship with Glenn. That’s something we’re probably gonna do…There will be romances here and there. It’s the end of the world, there’s not a lot to do. People are going to be hooking up from time to time. We’re gonna see some stuff like that in the second season”

When we asked who outside the core cast will return, Kirkman name-checked both  Morgan (Lennie James) and Merle Dixon (Michael Rooker) but wouldn’t confirm they’d be back. “Those characters are in the wind and we want it to be a surprise if they return, so we’ll see,” he said

The character Shane played by Jon Bernthal has already out lived his comic book counterpart, who only lasted six issues in the comic series.

Kirkman had this to say about the character not meeting his demise, and how it will affect the story.

“Shane is now existing in stories from the comic book that he didn’t exist in before. Just by having Shane be alive changes everything about the comic. The Hershel storyline is something everybody likes—[there are a] lot of cool moments everybody wants to see. We’re gonna get to see little differences because Shane wasn’t there before and he changes the dynamic of the whole ensemble. It’s going to be really cool.”

So, there you have it. Much like the first season, some of what transpires in the comic will make it to the screen, but not without spacing things out with a bunch of unnecessary shit. I’ll watch, but again, it’s not what I want. Here’s to a whole season of screamin’ at the TV saying “That’s not what happens!”