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Putting together a movie about Han Solo that won’t star Harrison Ford as everyone’s favourite space pirate was always going to be a tricky affair. Just who the hell do you cast as the young Han? Will he be zipping around in the Millennium Falcon? And what tale exactly do you tell? Well, the answer to this last question has been pretty much answered. Much to fans delight Chewie is confirmed to be on board with the film revolving around the pair’s meeting and getting together. (more…)


Lawrence Kasdan first came into the Star Wars universe in 1978, hired by George Lucas to write a new draft of his screenplay for The Empire Strikes Back. Leigh Brackett had done the first draft, but passed away from cancer before she could do another, and after a couple of stabs by Lucas, Kasdan got the nod as Lucas was impressed with Kasdan’s draft for Raiders of the Lost Ark. I bet Kasdan never thought he’d have anything to do with Star Wars again after turning in the script to Return of the Jedi, but over 30 years later, here he is, back at the forefront of Wars, and now, ready to retire again. (more…)

Han Solo

Do you like Han Solo? Of course, you do. He may be one of the most iconic characters in film history thanks to his portrayal by the legendary-in-his-own-right Harrison Ford. But can Solo fly solo without Ford, and in his own film set apart from the main Star Wars storyline? That’s the question that Disney and Lucasfilm hope is answered by an affirmative ‘yes’ in the next couple of years when the untitled Star Wars Anthology film about the adventures of young Han Solo arrives in theaters everywhere. But what will that movie look like? Lucasfilm’s top executive recently offered some insight. (more…)

Star Wars

Just when you thought it was safe to hope that this year’s San Diego Comic Con wasn’t going to be underwhelming… With a number of big studios and production companies bowing out of this year’s festivities, all hope for awesome things was pegged on the ones who are coming to play. One of them is Warner Bros., who will – presumably – be bringing loads of goodies from Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad. The other hope – oddly enough – was Star Wars. With Hall H Marvel-less this year, all eyes turned to J.J. Abrams et al to make those nerd eyes water with anticipation. And yet, we have to report, that your expectations are going to have to be modulated somewhat. (more…)

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Hello out there, Nerd Readers, and May the Fourth Be with You. Yes, it’s that most semi-famous of nerd holidays, the fourth of May. So here we are with yet another bit of Star Wars news for you to enjoy. This time around, it looks like Episode VII director J.J. Abrams and writer Lawrence Kasdan are getting in on the celebration. They’ve sent out a short video from London to let fans know that they care. Scroll down to check out what they have to say. (more…)


Another week, another batch of Star Wars Episode VII rumors have zoomed around the internet, but what’s legit, and what’s, to borrow a phrase, poppycock? In a new article, Latino Review tries to shed light on the matter, what rumors carry water, and which ones are less than probable. Any discussion about the film, they say, is being kept under tight lock and key by Disney, but apparently enough details have gotten out to give us an indication of what’s real and what’s not about the development of Episode VII. (more…)


Screen Crush was the first to pick up on a disturbance in the Force…Well, a disturbance in YouTube, at least. It started on Oct. 9th when the Star Wars YouTube Channel posted a trailer for Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Episodes V and VI followed (and they used the original title for ROTJ: Revenge Of The Jedi), in the two subsequent weeks, each on Wednesday…

Could this mean a Star Wars: Episode VII trailer is planned for next Wednesday, the 30th? Which also happens to be the one year anniversary of the announcement that Disney had acquired the rights to the SW franchise, and Episode VII is now underway?