League of Legends

The-New-Dragon-Con-LogoSo big it had to be cut up into smaller chunks so you wouldn’t be overwhelmed with Cosplay madness, here’s the second portion of NerdBastards Dragon Con 2014 Cosplay coverage. Dragon Con 2014 may be over, but the cosplay lives on as cosplayers get home, unload their suitcases and download all those wonderful Cosplay pictures. (more…)


Imagine a place where you can be yourself, free of judgement. Where you can talk, laugh and play with thousands of like minded individuals. A place where you can be in a state of child like wonder, previewing and sampling the latest offerings in gaming culture. A place where you can have a beer and get down with your nerd self listening to some Nerdcore. A place where you can meet – take photos with or possibly take home – some nerdy girlie, or geeky guy dressed up as an iconic character. Ultimately, a place where everyone is drumming to the tune of “lets play”. This my friends, is a little slice of nerdy heaven, and it is called PAX.

For the uninitiated, PAX is the great American gaming experience, held annually on the west and east coasts. It’s an event for gamers, by gamers. 70,000+ congregate to play to their hearts content (console, PC, or tabletop), peruse an E3 style exhibition floor (Publishers and Developers showcasing their latest wares), attend informative/entertaining panels, and rock out with their joysticks out at one of the many evening concerts. It’s truly an experience like none other.

So, anyway, PAXEast happened this past weekend in Boston, MA. This Nerd Bastard, along with my friend Phil, were in attendance, albeit briefly. A 3 day event, and our schedule only permitted us to attend a few hours on Saturday. Regardless, I took in enough to comment. I’d like to share my journey into gamer paradise with you, and discuss what juicy reveals are worthy of you’re attention.


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Above: Yes, believe it or not there’s a person inside that stunning suit of metal. This is Brittany as Orianna from League of Legends. Question, how do you get to the bathroom in something like this? (CosGeek)