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ABOVE: Prepare for The Hunger Games to begin popping up everywhere, it’s poised to explode fandom wise and this awesome cosplay is only the beginning. This flaming wedding dress comes up in the third novel, Mockingjay, so I’ve got no clue what is means but it sure looks great.

It was constructed using a vintage wedding dress base, to which I added a layer of fiery fabric to imitate the dress in flames, then black feather boas for the black feathers. I also added the sheer sleeves and veil piece as well. I’m not sure if it’s visible, but there are also faux pearls strung along the neckline.



These Are Some Creepily Realistic Futurama Busts

*Ahem* Welcome to the world of tomorrow…today.

These insanely realistic busts were crafted after Matt Groening‘s Futurama series, as if you didn’t already know that. Created by DeviantARTist artanis-one, a.k.a Ray Lin, these are the closest you’ll get to biting shiny metal ass (exclude that they’re all gray looking). It’s no joke either, you can actually see the wrinkles in Farnsworth’s 170 year old face. Total master craftsmanship. While Ray hasn’t made a lovable Bender yet, he has gone on to create busts of shockingly real detail for Leela, Zoidberg, Farnsworth and Nibbler.

Hit the jump for looks at Zoidberg, Leela and Nibbler.


What will you be doing tonight at 10pm, eastern time? Watching the premiere of new Futurama, right? You damn well better be. We nerds have worked too hard to stop our beloved animated program from disappearing, we can’t drop the ball now. Everyone should be watching tonight in the hopes we can top the numbers of their big return to television last year, which brought in 3 million viewers! Futurama currently has over 14 million fans on Facebook so if even half of those fans watch the not one, but two new episodes tonight Futurama will set records.

Tonight starts the second half of season six with 13 episodes, completing the full order of 26. Comedy Central has already, smartly, ordered another 26 episodes which will air in two chunks keeping us hopped up on Bender into 2013. Below we’ve got some special sneak peak clips of the upcoming episodes just in case you were considering skipping out. Which you weren’t, right? Good.

Let’s recap, new Futurama tonight, 10pm (e) on Comedy Central. There will not only one but two new episodes, so that’s a whole hour of new Futurama. You better be there, or it’s some terrible level of robot hell for you. Most likely with singing.