Left for Dead

The Interwebz, where nerd art runs wild. Oh, and they draw a lot too. Yes, in the dark alleys of the internet it can mean the inner child crushing experience of finding out the unseen gadgets that Inspector Gadget had (you don’t want to see). Other times? Oh those other times… it’s fantastic and magical drawings that make the imagination soar and the geek spirit reach new heights.

It’s time for a Nerd Art Dump.

ABOVE: “Face it Tiger, I’m a better “Spider-Man” then you’ll ever be. I have boobs” Mary Jane Watson taking over the role of New York’s web slinging wall-crawler and the skin tight suit doesn’t help too much… It works just perfectly. [Red Headed Jackpot]

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Don’t Startle The Real Life Witch


PAX East 2010 had a wonderful lot of Cosplayers. Seeing folks dressed up as their favorite characters from gaming certainly added to the flavor of the epic, gamer hangout. However, it’s one thing to dress up and head to a convention like PAX, it’s another thing to entirely commit to a character.

Looking great as the Witch from the “Left for Dead” video game wasn’t enough. No, this girl wanted to play the part. Like the character from the game she would sit in a corner and cry profusely. If you know the game then you know that you DON’T startle the witch. When approached buy an unwitting cameraman this girl lunges at him, screaming and proceeds to pursue the poor bastard through the convention hallways.

His captured video is hilarious as it is terrifying. OK, maybe it’s not that terrifying but try to imagine being in his position. It’s scary shit to have someone jump up on you like that.

If this experience teaches us anything it’s to always keep your flashlight off and always keep a Molotov cocktail on you at all times.