There was old saying, back in the glory days of grindhouse films and low-budget slashers: “When the gore stops flowing, viewers stop showing”.

The now infamous Saw horror franchises obviously took this saying to heart, when they ran their 6 sequels to create a run-away horror mega-hit that finally went out with more of a whimper rather than a bang, with Saw 7. However, there is a bit of good news to share with all our gorror readers, as Saw Legacy was recently announced to have moved out of development hell and into production, backed by a very peculiar writing team…



When James Cameron made The Terminator in 1984, he was under the gun to complete a complex and ambitious film shoot on a limited budget. Heck, even working on Terminator 2: Judgment Day, he was facing doubters as the budget for that film ballooned and its complicated digital effects had yet to be tested before an audience. Still, a brand name is a brand name, and Hollywood loves a brand name, so even without Cameron, people have been trying to make mo’ money off Terminator, as evidenced by the upcoming and oddly spelled Terminator: Genisys. But what does Cameron himself think of the new film? Is he okay with it, is he concerned about it tarnishing his legacy, and will he do more Terminator in the future with an important deadline concerning rights pending? (more…)