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You remember the Conan the Barbarian movie, right? Not the horrible Jason Momoa flick from 2011 that is sometimes used by the CIA to torture prisoners into giving up information but the REAL Conan the Barbarian movie released back in 1982?  THAT movie was badass and starred The Austrian Oak himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, in one of the most action packed movies that audiences had seen at that time.  The movie was a financial success that led to the badass sequel, Conan the Destroyer.  Since Arnold’s return to the big screen, fans of the Conan series have been clamoring for the next badass sequel that was promised to them a couple of years back: Legend of Conan.  Well, Conan-ites, your time has arrived.  According to its producers, Legend of Conan begins shooting this year.   (more…)

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It was happy days for me when I heard that Arnold Schwarzenegger would be coming back to reprise his role as Conan so that they could finish off the story that began back in 1982.  Now, however, it looks like they want to take it one step further.  According to the powers-that-be, The Legend of Conan may just be the start of a fully-fledged trilogy, all featuring Arnie.  Check out the whole story after the jump.


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Ever since Arnold ‘The Governator’ Schwarzenegger stepped away from politics and back into the world of film, I’ve been eagerly awaiting some news on him making a film that doesn’t look like throwaway, straight-to-video rubbish.  So far, there hasn’t been much to hope for.  There are two lights at the end of this tunnel, however, in the form of Terminator 5 and a return to the barbaric franchise with The Legend of Conan.  Now, it looks like Arnie has something to say about how those two projects are going.

While talking to Metro UK, he had this to say on his upcoming roles:

We’re writing it now. There are three projects being written that involve me. One is Terminator 5, the other is a Conan movie that Universal is doing and there’s the sequel to Twins, which is called Triplets. We’ll all look quite different in that. The third triplet is Eddie Murphy, so figure that one out.

Oh yeah, there’s that Triplets thing as well, but I’m trying to block that one from my mind.  At least it looks like the projects haven’t been shit-canned yet.  With Arnie’s star power on board, they’re that much more likely to see an actual movie screen.  Let’s hope they don’t suck balls.


Thanks to ComingSoon for the heads-up.

By now, most of us who love Conan know that there’s a third movie in the works – a proper movie, that is, not that rubbish with Jason Momosa that almost made me cry man-tears.  This one, being put together by Universal and producer Chris Morgan, will follow the aging character as he deals with the final days of his life.  Aptly titled The Legend of Conan, the project is still relatively new and people are wondering about the details.  Luckily for us, Morgan had a few things to say recently.

About Arnold Schwarzenegger’s returning to the role of the barbaric Cimmerian warrior:

To put yourself out there in your 60s? As Conan the Barbarian? I could see why he’d hesitate.  You’re really putting yourself out there.

About what we may see Conan going up against in the new flick:

Conan needs to be faced with challenges. The greatest challenge to him isn’t the armies that are set before him. It’s, on some level, self-doubt, a little bit of slowing down and forcing yourself to be heroic beyond what people expect of you. What I don’t want is for him to step back in and look the same. That would defeat the purpose of our story.

And to answer some concerns from fans:

Not a reboot, not a remake. Just an update. Where has the character been all this time? A catch-up with Conan.

So far the general synopsis has Conan well into his later years and ruling a kingdom.  He’s put down his sword for the most part, but when the shit hits the fan he’s forced to go kick some heads in.  But if what Morgan says about exploring Conan’s psyche is true, we may have an actual complex film on our hands.  Hopefully, he takes his job seriously and there won’t be a repeat of the Conan the Destroyer formula – a film more fit for 12-year-olds than actual Conan fans.

So far no script, but there’s a tentative release date of 2014.  What do you out there in NerdReader land think?  Is it possible to make a great Conan film and finish out the story?  Or will we have a repeat of the eye-candy and no-plot Conan reboot from last year?


Thanks to ComicBookMovie for the heads-up.