Michael Keaton is riding on a wave of strong awards-season buzz for his turn in Alejandro Gonzales Inarittu’s Birdman; where he pulls off an amazing performance portraying a washed-up actor who is perpetually tormented by his alter ego/nemesis. It’s great to see Keaton having somewhat of an acting renaissance, finally gaining recognition for his acting prowess with appearances in Robocop and Need for Speed in 2014, and upcoming roles in Illumination Entertainment’s animated Minions and a starring role in Thomas McCarthy’s Catholic Church child-abuse drama Spotlight. Now it appears that Keaton might be heading off to Skull Island to join Tom Hiddleston (The Avengers, Thor, Only Lovers Left Alive), and J.K. Simmons (Spider-Man, Whiplash), in Legendary’s Kong: Skull Island. (more…)


EDITORS NOTE: Story (SDCC14: Legendary Pictures Unleashes a Hugh Surprise on Hall H) updated from 1/26/14. Update Below.

Legendary Pictures used to be tied to the superhero movie boom but lately they’ve been shepherding movies about big damn monsters (among other things) into theaters with good but not earth shattering results, though it seems clear that, in doubling down with the Godzilla and Pac Rim sequels, their aim is to win audiences over with both the largess of these films and their persistence.

Enter Skull Island, a film based on the mythical island home of King Kong and a complete surprise to the assembled crowd in Hall H and the press when Legendary ran a quick teaser promoting the project. (more…)

SDCC14: Legendary Pictures Live Blog


Next up in Hall H is Legendary Pictures‘ panel. There’s been no official word on what they’ll be bringing. Something about Pacific Rim 2? Godzilla 2? Some other movie starring kaiju? Who knows! Our embedded reporter, Rush Urbalejo knows. Hit the jump for the live-blog! (more…)


[Editor’s Note: Last night Manny Lozano took us inside The Ender’s Game Experience, today he’s back – after barely escaping with his life! – from Legendary’s Godzilla Encounter. Check out his impressions of the up close and personal encounter, pictures from the exhibit, and if you’re attending SDCC make sure you to see it for yourself!]

The Godzilla Encounter is one of the most highly anticipated experiences being offered at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. Legendary has created an immersive experience that celebrates the legacy of the original movie monster while simultaneously getting fans excited for Gareth Edward‘s 2014 film.

Participants enter a recreated Tokyo street, complete with a walk-up cafe, that features a wealth of Godzilla memorabilia; including movies, comics and clothing that the King of Monsters has been featured in over the years.

Before long, a proximity alert sends everyone off the streets and down into a series of underground bunkers filled with frantic scientists and soldiers, scrambling to prepare for Godzilla’s imminent strike on San Diego. We enter a crowded elevator in an attempt to reach a secure location, but the monster has taken its toll and we are forced to exit on the 25th floor, which is half destroyed.

Huddled together, we hear Godzilla make his approach. Stomp. Stomp. We are faced head on with the monster and the experience concludes with his iconic roar.

Longtime fans of Godzilla will appreciate this version of the monster, which harkens back to the original but has just enough changes to draw in new viewers. Register for The Godzilla Encounter by visiting the Legendary Entertainment booth, #3920 on the convention floor and download the app (ed. more on the app below the cut!) to unlock exclusive bonus concept art! It’s a can’t miss!

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‘Godzilla’ Was Here…?

Godzilla 1954

Sure looks that way. On the Facebook fan page for Warner Bros./Legendary Pictures new Godzilla remake yesterday, the below picture was posted with the caption, “Path of Destruction.” Not sure where this is supposed to be in the context of the film, but if you said that it looks like British Columbia, you’d be correct because Godzilla is indeed shooting in and around Canada’s western-most province right now. (No word yet on how a Godzilla attack is going to affect the current provincial election in B.C., and between you, me, and the lamp post Liberal Premier Christy Clark can’t take any more bad news.)

Here’s the shot from the Godzilla set courtesy of Geek Tyrant.


Godzilla, directed by Gareth Edwards (Monsters) and starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ken Watanabe, Elizabeth Olsen, Juliette Binoche, David Strathairn, Bryan Cranston, and Sally Hawkins, is scheduled to be released on May 16th, 2014.


The latest reboot of Japan’s cinematic icon Godzilla, is currently in production under the guiding hand of director Gareth Edwards (Monsters). In a move that demonstrates Edwards’ and production company Legendary‘s, high regard for the franchise and it’s history, one of the original 1954 Godzilla actors will be making a cameo.

Akira Takarada, starred in the first Godzilla movie as diver Hideto Ogata, and was confirmed for a cameo appearance in the reboot on the Legendary Twitter page. Below is the picture Legendary posted of director Edwards with Takarada while shooting in Vancouver.


Akira Takarada and Momoko Kochi in Godzilla 1954


It’s a nice nod to the original and one casting decision Godzilla fans everywhere can really appreciate. Edwards did a fantastic job on Monsters and I’m really looking forward to his take on Godzilla. Throw Frank Dorabont and Max Borenstein‘s script work into the mix and I think we’re in for a wondrously monstrous time at the movies.

Via: /Film