Legends Of The Hidden Temple


Whether you were more of a red jaguar, blue barracuda, green monkey, orange iguana, purple parrot or silver snake, you had one ally in common on the 90’s game show Legends of the Hidden Temple; and that was Olmec.  It was always crucial to listen to the large stone head when he re-told his ancient stories, because you knew you’d be quizzed on them afterwards.  Now it seems you’ll get to hear him wax poetic yet again.  Nickelodeon has announced that Dee Bradley Baker, the original voice of Olmec, will be reprising his vocal role for the Legends of the Hidden Temple movie. (more…)

hidden temple

Nickelodeon announced a few weeks ago that the popular 90s television show, Legends of the Hidden Temple would be revived as a tv movie, and 90s kids were hit with a huge wave of nostalgia.  They fondly remembered weekday afternoons watching their peers compete for five minutes of fame and a “fabulous” prize or two.  The children were paired up and ruthlessly fought to be the victors.  Think Hunger Games, but without the death.  Everyone had their favorite team: Blue Barracudas, perhaps, or maybe Silver Snakes.  Rarely did your team win, but when they did, oh it was great.  But Nick has released some more good news, and now there is even more reason to celebrate.   (more…)

Growing up as a kid in the mid 90’s was a lot of fun. One of those big reasons was Legends of the Hidden Temple. In this game show for kids, the object was to complete physical challenges and prove yourself worthy enough to enter the temple. Once inside, you and your partner had to solve a series of puzzles and find the item of the day. It was a great show, and it still is. Now that nostalgia is coming back, and the game show will be adapted into a TV movie for Nickelodeon.