Legion of Super-heroes

A.K.A. the curse of the 5th week. Ok, that’s a little harsh. Sometimes 5th weeks are awesome in the world of comics and packed with specials and events oh the fun, other times its just an excuse to dump out a few trades and poop out some filler.

The kings of filler this week are the folks at DC Comics. Nothing to speak of for their New 52 here, other than one Batman title and the second issue of LOSH secret origin that we’ll get to in the reviews. The rest of their releases are filled with video game tie-ins and trades (including Absolute Hush, a steal at $100 for a story that’s probably been washed out of cannon.) I did hover over the video game tie-books to be honest. inFamous, Uncharted, and the DCUO comic, I’ve played all the games, I have enjoyed all the games. Hell I even read the first few issues of the DCUO one since I still play that game, but… do I need to read it? Maybe it’s just that the DCUO book that turned me off the idea of reading about a game I could be playing. That book was (and I assume still is) terrible.

This fifth week is also the unofficial (or official, I don’t know, no one sent me any invitations to the party) anniversary of Marvel Comics, which they are celebrating with… VARIANT COVERS! Lots of them. Well, that is lame. I really hate the whole variant cover thing, really. Yes, they are often pretty, but also pretty useless and petty. It’s still that lame old 90’s trick to get me to shell out more money just because someone may or may not be wearing pants on the cover and that makes it rare. I will, however revisit a boyhood favorite title of theirs this week.

The rest of the companies? Looks like Dark Horse just publishes Bettie Page merch these days, IDW dole out new issues of two really great books, Start Trek and the insanely great TMNT. Oh, and Archie, yes the gang from Riversdale rock and roll all night and party every day with the rock band Kiss. Will I read that? Will anyone?

Let’s get to the fast and dirty reviews and see!


Here is the deal. I was a lapsed comic book reader, as I am sure many of you still are. Sure I picked up the odd trade here and there, I would go into my local comic stores, pick up an issue or two. Kept myself up on what was going on. Couple years back, the addiction slowly retook itself. I now find myself back to waiting for each and every Wednesday to hop on down to the den of nerdery and dole out my misbegotten gains (cash money that is) on a stack of comics that a proceed to devour over the course of an afternoon and into the evening. Sure I have the ones I buy from month to month, but I am always on the look out for something new to add to the stack.

Welcome to “Attack of the New Comics Wednesday” – A brand spanky new feature here on NerdBastards.com, each Wednesday I’ll grab a few of this weeks books and share them with you, together we might find something wonderful an magical (… what the crap did I just type.) They are comics people, I enjoy them, you enjoy them, let’s enjoy them together (… that wasn’t much better).

So, to start us all off, this week I’ve grabbed a “New 52” number 2. Two odd ball comics that are fun little reads, and a big name number one that is a steaming pile of number 2.

Of course, there will be spoilers, so hit the jump and lets jump in: