leonard kirk


It’s been a source of tremendous controversy, but yes fans, Marvel Comics is wrapping up its run of Fantastic Four in 2015. Whether it’s a truly creative decision, or whether it’s spite on the part of Marvel to punish Twentieth Century Fox for holding on to the rights of the first family of superheroes with a death grip, but at this point the end of the Fantastic Four is nigh. For now, anyway. Marvel has released today a first look at the issue that kicks off this final (for now) Fantastic Four story arc. Naturally, it’s chock full of guest stars, including the “All New Captain America,” so you know this is going to be good (and long-lasting). (more…)


Yesterday, the internet was set a twitter (although it impacted all social media) with the revelation of the cast of Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four movie. But that isn’t the only Fantastic Four getting a new look and a fresh start. Marvel Comics has released five preview pages from Fantastic Four #1, which hits comic book shop shelves on Wednesday as part of the All-New Marvel NOW promotion. (You can really sense the urgency there, can’t you?) (more…)