Let’s Kill Hitler


We’re into the final stretch, Doctor Who returns with the second half of its seventh season in less than 24 hours! How have you been holding up? Did you enjoy our Doctor Who fan art compilation? What did you think of The Eleven Best Episodes From The Eleventh Doctor, Part 1? Well, we hope you liked them, we did it all for you. We’re even running a contest where you could win a Doctor Who Companion Prize Pack!

The first part of our best episodes list covered Season 5, Matt Smith‘s first season, and what I still consider to be one of the finest seasons of Doctor Who, ever. From here on out the picks for our will be pulled from Seasons 6 and 7A, which I’ll admit are a trickier bunch to choose from. It was only a matter of time before the Moffat Era of Who would begin hitting a few bumps along the way. But that’s not to suggest there aren’t some simply spectacular episodes of Doctor Who yet to come! Hit the jump for more of the Eleventh Doctor’s best episodes. Come along, Ponds!


This past Saturday, the second half of Doctor Who season six kicked back up with the epsisode “Let’s Kill Hitler”.  It was another strong episode from Steven Moffat and crew, but alas, there was supposed to be a Terminator inspired motor cycle sequence that was later cut.

For those that haven’t watched the episode yet, well [Spoiler Alert!] there’s a sequence involving Rory (Arthur Darvill) and Amy (Karen Gillan) chased after their daughter Melody Pond—aka River Song (Alex Kingston)- on a Nazi motorbike in World War II Berlin. All the while Rory and Amy are also getting chased themselves by some kind of Nazi/robot/Teselecta thingy. A very cool looking sequence, but onscreen it was cut quite short and there’s a good reason for it.

It was waaaaaay too expensive.

The problem with this Terminator 2-like chase sequence Steven Moffat had envisioned and written for the episode was it was simply too costly to film on the BBC budget. It does make sense however as there’s no way Arnold would have rode another motorcycle you can film everything you want, cuts have to be made. So being the geniuses they are over there in the UK they did the next best thing: a 60-second scene shot as a motion comic. Not as expensive and Moffat could still have everything he wanted, kinda.

Jeff Krelitz, CEO of Double Barrell Motion Labs, who put into motion that 60-second bridge sequence for “Let’s Kill Hitler”, talks about the scene and how they did it.

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DOCTOR WHO: “Let’s Kill Hitler”

Doctor Who returned to the second half of its sixth (revival) season with one of its catchiest titles ever, and then promptly went about making sure much of the episode had very little to do with Hitler. Continuing his trend of unfolding a massive science fiction saga over multiple episodes, head writer Steven Moffat added arguably more layers to his Who mythology in this episode alone than in the entire first half off the season, building on a major mid-season revelation to create a tale that’s less about adventure and more about life and death, less about time travel and more about the frailty,  mortality and startling uncertainty of its heroes.

Spoilers ahead: Don’t read if you don’t want to know a few things.


The second half of Doctor Who‘s sixth season is so close you almost taste it, sniff it, hear it. Well, you can kind of hear it, in this new clip from the Beeb. Doctor Who returns with “Let’s Kill Hitler” on August 27th, but until then you can watch this prequel clip,

Sad, isn’t it? Amy doesn’t sound like she’s lost hope, which is good, but why she and Rory aren’t with the Doctor as he searches for their daughter raises some questions. And will they find little Melody Pond? Will we learn any more from River as to Melody’s upbrining, since, y’know, they’re the same person!? Anyone else still confused on how they’re the same person? Oh, Steven Moffat, you mad genius!

In “Let’s Kill Hitler,” the TARDIS crash-lands in 1930s Berlin, bringing the Doctor face to face with one of the greatest war criminals in the universe, including none other than Hitler. Time travel has responsibilities, and the Doctor teaches his companions a harsh lesson during one the cruelest wars of all time. The episode will screen first at BFI, on Friday, Aug. 26, at the MediaGuardian Edinburgh International Television Festival, and will debut Saturday, Aug. 27, on BBC America.

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Sunday was the final day of San Diego ComicCon International 2011, and between all the ranting against DC’s “New 52” relaunch and a Glee panel (What the hell? This is ComicCon, you idiots! Jane Lynch can stay, the rest of you get the hell out!), something important actually happened: we got to see the first clips from Doctor Who‘s fall episodes.

The Series Six, Part 2 trailer released by the BBC was only a minute long, but in true Doctor Who fashion it packed in all manner of awesomeness. Lots of Nazis, including Hitler himself, turned up in what are presumably clips from the fall premiere, “Let’s Kill Hitler,” along with Churchill toting a gun and some other 1940s badassery. Then we get to the really good stuff.

First, you’ve got The Doctor proclaiming he’s going to die, and someone bringing up that crazy Impossible Astronaut from the spring episodes. Chase that with Amy wielding swords, Rory riding a motorcycle, Cybermen, Weeping Angels, something that looks like a Minotaur on meth, the return of Craig from the season five episode “The Lodger” and River Song rocking an eye patch. Oh, and the creepy silence show up too. And in a further display of fashionable daring, The Doctor goes and turns up in a top hat (top hats are cool).

We’ll have to wait until September to see what all this madness is about, but Steven Moffat and crew have certainly been up to their usual tricks. Check it out: