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The trailer for the fifth season of BBC’s Merlin has hit the Internet and it looks like the series is set to delivery some serious Massive-Medieval-Magical action. All the series regulars are back, King Arthur (Bradley James), Merlin (Colin Morgan), Evil Morgana (Katie McGrath), along with some guest stars like Game of Thrones‘ Onion knight himself, Davos Seaworth, (Liam Cunningham).

Merlin co-creator Julian Murphy said the fifth series features a much:

“Stronger, focused and [more] powerful” (Merlin), I think it’s interesting because you saw a glimpse [of that] at the end of the last series, particularly when he killed Agravaine (Nathaniel Parker). We’re really interested in taking him on that journey with all its dangers and the temptations it will bring, so that will be a big part of the fifth series.”

Merlin will air on BBC One in the fall and in January 2013 on Syfy. Let us know what your excited to see in the fifth season in the comments section below.

Well Damn, More ‘Game of Thrones’ Casting News

Only yesterday I reported on the casting of Stannis Baratheon and Melisandre and today more casting news is released. For the second season of HBO‘s Game of Thrones, Liam Cunningham as been cast the Onion Knight, Davos Seaworth.

A little refresher on Davos, he’s a former smuggler in the service of Stannis Baratheon, who, if you’ll remember from our lesson yesterday, is one of the many kings vying for the Iron Throne. Davos is suspicious of Melisandre, a red priestes of R’hollar and also an advisor to Stannis. And, that’s about where I’ll leave off, no need to excessively spoil you. If you want that, read the books. (Which you should do regardless, they’re phenomenal.)

Cunningham was most recently seen on the now-canceled Starz program, Camelot and in the recent reboot of Clash of the Titans. He surely has the look of a  world-weary smuggler turned knight. What do you think? Have you been pleased with the recent string of season two casting choices?

source: TDW: Geeks