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Once we were looking at next summer for the long in the works third sequel to Jurassic Park, but like many aspects of the production of Jurassic Park IV, it was not meant to be. For fans looking for solid dinosaur action/adventure, it seemed like it might be another long wait for the film, this time under the supervision of Safety Not Guaranteed director Colin Trevorrow, who, according to sources, was planning some impressive set pieces for the film thus resulting in a new round of delays. But as it turns out, the wait won’t be too long after all.

Exhibit A: a picture of a banner from the 2013 Licensing Expo taken by ComingSoon. You’ll notice the banner has the date 2015 underneath the Jurassic Park logo, which strongly implies that the film is now looking at a 2015 release date. In addition, materials at the Expo seemed to indicate that the film will indeed bye shooting in 3-D, which I don’t think is a surprise, but may be a confirmation nonetheless.


Still, interesting about Jurassic Park IV coming out in 2015. That will place the new film directly in the flight path (potentially) of The Avengers 2, Assassin’s Creed, Pirates of the Caribbean 5, Prometheus 2 and Justice League. Sounds like another nerd-friendly summer slate that’s primed to disappoint.

What do you Bastards think? Still anxious to see JP4?

Source: Collider


Marvel Studios have premiered the logos for the upcoming comicbook movie adaptation of Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger at the 2010 Licensing International Expo in Las Vegas. was in attendance and took a few snap shots from the show floor.

For the time being it appears these are the official logos. Though, with both movies quite some time away they could be subject to change. And god do I hope so. Bland flat and boring are these logos. Eh, I guess the Captain America one is reminiscent of the comic book logo, albeit it’s too squished together. The Thor one looks like butt! Seriously, what’s up with the sci-fi, space overtones? I’m sorry but it just doesn’t scream “Action/Fantasy”. Throw in a rainbow in the background, then you’ve got a logo (kidding, that rainbow to Asgard in the Thor comics was stupid)! It’s THOR, it’s should more valiant and more metal!

Eh, it’s rather silly of me to be commentating on titles in fancy lettering. ¬†Though, until I have some production bits to nit pick at, the typography is all I got.

What do you think of these logos? Do they meet your expectations?

Captain America: The First Avenger and THOR are easily some of the most highly anticipated films of 2011; with release dates scheduled respectively for July 22nd and May 6th, 2011.

Click after the jump for some snap shots of the Marvel floor display at the 2010 Licensing International Expo.

source: CBM via slashfilm