Liev Schreiber

There’s been a lot of Spider-Man movie talk lately, and it’s centred around the development of a Spider-Man Universe of standalone movies based on characters like Venom, or Silver Sable and Black Cat. For the time being, Marvel and Sony have an arrangement to co-own the live-action Spidey (basically), but that doesn’t mean that Sony can’t go rogue and proceed with it’s own Spider-thing, like having their own separate animated Spider-Man. Oh yes, there will soon be two Spider-Men on screen, and now the one that will be animated has his own voice. Get ready for Miles Morales! (more…)


While there weren’t too many things that went right in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, a case could absolutely be made that Liev Schreiber‘s portrayal of Victor Creed (aka Sabertooth) was one of the things that did.  Word until now of whether Schrieber would be reprising the role in the upcoming Wolverine film had been restricted to mere rumors and wishes, but the actor spoke up on the possibility last night at the Oscars.  Here’s what he shared with MTV News: (more…)


A couple of months ago, Hugh Jackman posted to his Twitter feed an invitation for fans to let him know what they’d like to see in the third Wolverine solo movie. Now chances are that director James Mangold and his team have a pretty firm handle on what they’re going to do for the film, up to and including a rumor that the plot will be taken from the graphic novel Old Man Logan, but still, fan feedback has its benefits. So what did Jackman an the gang gleam from their little social media invite? Well, it seems that fans want the return of Wolverine’s arch-nemesis, which, according to Jackman, is a very real possibility. (more…)