As April Ludgate on the cult favorite sitcom Parks and Recreation, and Julie Powers in Edgar Wright‘s 2010 film adaptation of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Aubrey Plaza has essentially made a name for herself as Nerddom’s bitter, misanthropic sweetheart. She has accomplished the rare feat of combining an acid tongue and dour demeanor with an undeniable, and almost inexplicable appeal.

Sound like anyone the Internet knows?

That’s right: The sour-faced feline actually named Tardar Sauce, but better known by her “stage name”–Grumpy Cat–will star in her own Christmas special on the cable network Lifetime, and Ms. Plaza will provide the online phenomenon’s voice. More after the jump:  (more…)

For some time we’ve known that a series based on the pre-Red Dragon partnership of FBI agent  Will Graham and criminal psychologist-slash-cannibalistic serial killer Hannibal Lector was in development at NBC. The Bryan Fuller spearheaded series is on track to debut sometime mid-season in 2013, and indeed actor Hugh Dancy has already been cast as Graham. But as we wait word for what “40-ish British” actor had been hired to fill Anthony Hopkins’ shoes as Hannibal, there is some other news on the “Hannibal” front that has nothing to do with Hannibal.

Anyway, it seems that creating a series based on Thomas Harris’ novel series about Hannibal is such a great idea, that the cable network Lifetime is getting in on it with its new series called Clarice. In the “early stages of development,” this new series will “follow the exploits of a young Clarice Starling soon after she graduates from the FBI academy.”

You’ll recall that Clarice Starling is the main character of Silence of the Lambs, an FBI cadet who is sent to get insight from the imprisoned Dr Lector about the serial killer called The Tooth Fairy. Clarice was also in the Silence sequel Hannibal, in which she’s brought in to renew the manhunt for Lector after his escape years earlier at the end of Silence. It sounds like Clarice will fill in some of the detail during her years between Hannibal adventures.

No word yet on any cast members or showrunners. I get the impression it’s just an idea someone at Lifetime might have had at a barbeque over the long weekend, but it could be interesting. The real question is if the eventual creators will be able to avoid wedging Hannibal in somewhere, or maybe even have him as a guest star during sweeps.

More news as it develops.

Source: /Film

NerdBastards: “Has Project Runway jumped the pig?”

Miss Piggy: “The Frog certainly hasn’t lately . . .”

Guest judges are nothing new on reality contest shows, but maybe puppet judges are. Project Runway Allstars has decided to tap the talents of the Muppets own Fashionista, Miss Piggy for an episode on Puppet fashion.

This is probably the only way this NerdBastard would watch the show and the move is a shrewd tactic to gather a larger fan base. If the Muppets can fill theaters then surely they can add a couple hundred thousand new fans to the Project Runway franchise, at least for the night.

Will any of the contestants make a scene about the puppet aspect? Miss Piggy was only the make-believe Vogue Paris’ plus size editor for the last Muppet movie. Her dialogue fort he show will have to be improvised by Eric Jacobson, the hand and mouth behind Miss Piggy’s felt, but it’s not really any different from having a celebrity judge who is an actress or singer, not a fashion professional.

Considering what some of the real life types wear, Miss Piggy might be a little too main stream. You won’t see Miss Piggy in a meat dress . . . unless those cell phone pictures of Miss Piggy “Johanssoning” leak out.

The episode airs Thursday (Tonight) on Lifetime at 9/8C.