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Nerd Fight! Vader Vs Gandalf

From Deviant Art by Mornienor

Ever wondered who would win in a fight: The Dark Lord of the Sith or The Grey Pilgrim? For generations (well, like two), men have searched for the answer to that question, and now the gang behind the Super Power Beat Down have made a convenient web video to answer that question once and for all.

The effects are pretty solid, and its got some high production value in there, but be advised, if you don’t like how the fight turns out, it was the fault of the internet. The results were made via online voting. Like American Idol… with magic and Force lightening. And no singing.

Source: Blastr

It’s Bath Time For Chewie And “Go Time!” For Mr. Happy

Those fucked up nerds struck again.

Seth Green along with his wife Clare Grant and her friend Rileah Vanderbilt had a threesome made a sequel to their first hawt Star Wars video of the chicks having a cat fight.  With light sabers.  This new flick also features light sabers and a lot of Dark Side/Light Side rivalry in the best way possible.


Check it out below. It starts off like a your average porn flick with some hot chicks in a bath tub with some wet shirts, phallic objects and nice tits… And escalates to some epic ‘gasms for nerdfolk all around.

… And don’t forget to laugh at the nerds in the comments who were expecting some Chewie pr0nz.

Source: Topless Robot

Ok, maybe not for real, since it’s just in animated form on the Cartoon Network’s “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”, oh yea… and you have to be between 6 and 17 to enter. Now before you get all grumpy that your nerd dreams were once again dashed upon the rocks of cold hard reality, check out this contest for lucky little nerdlings everywhere (that is within the fifty United States and the District of Columbia):

Wannabe Padawans upload a 20 second or less video of their killer Jedi moves to to be judged by a panel of experts (my guess is it’s Star Wars Kid) and those very Jedi moves could be used in an up coming episode of the show. Oh yea, they also have to use a Hasbro Star Wars Ultimate FX Lightsaber (retails for about $35) that was not purchased for the purpose of the contest (so if they did, they will have to go and buy another one and get a note to prove its for sports and recreation?)

Oh Star Wars marketing machine, when will you ever stop. Sure it’s a neat idea, but my jaded cynical side just sees this as yet another ploy to get the kids to buy the toys, it is after all just the ‘Jedi move’ that makes it into the episode, they never say they’ll actually digitally put the winner in the episode. My jealous side is jealous because the grand prize also comes with a whole pile of toys: 2 Electronic Helmets, Ultimate FX Lightsaber™, 2 lightsabers™, 3 Blasters, 3 Electronic Blasters, 12 Clone Wars™ Figures, 12 Saga Legends Figures, Republic Attack Shuttle™, and 3 Figure & Vehicle Packs. Curses, I will have to buy them, you win again Star Wars marketing machine.

So, if you are or know a nerdling that would fit the Jedi fold? Pass the website along, and hey for the rest of us you can play a few games on the site, put your pictures into the “Jedi Image Generator” AND Star Wars music and sound effects on a loop that lets everyone else in your office know you just spent 30 minutes on a website about Star Wars, that is meant for kids. Have fun explaining that one to HR.




Nerd Cake Of The Week, I Am

Yoda Cake

Here’s a little something I wouldn’t mind sinking my teeth into. Whether it be a Yoda ear or the green light saber (even though it is unedible)…I want a piece. The Yoda cake, standing at 16 inches tall with a glowstick playing the part of light saber, was made by Debbie Does Cakes. To be honest, doesn’t even look like a cake; Yoda has a rather glossy head. In fact, he kind of resembles E.T. in an add sort of way.

CraziestGadgets via NerdSalad