Nerd Art: Bat-Vader


I don’t know if I’m terrified by this or enthralled. Artist Jay Fife has taken everyones favorite superhero, and the galaxie’s baddest badass and mash them up! What we have delivered to us is a cultured Darthman. DarthBat. Bat Vader. God, go Bat Shit crazy trying to find other awesome Vader pix such as Batman VS Darth Vader or Batman VS A Great White Shark and Finally Darth Vader VS Boba Fette. Check them out after the jump. (more…)

Batman Vs. Shark

Survey says? Unfair! Who (via io9) says it’s fair that Batman gets a lightsabre and the shark is literally helpless. Dubbed “The Most Self Explanatory Painting in Human History” I think it’s awesomely rendered and badass…Question is?.?.?.?.?.Can a lightsabre even hit ignition underwater?…Also, tsk, tsk, Batman seems to using Sith Red…Freudian slip? I think not.

Where do they get those wonderful toys?….And why can’t I have them. No, not the replicas, I want the real thing. I want to take these real life, fake sci-fi/fantasy items that I am aware do don’t REALLY exist (Can’t I dream!?) and use them for my pleasure. NO! I’m not going to fight crime, or better humanity or save the day, no, I am going to play with them. Yes, really. And these aren’t the Top 8 Coolest Fantasy Toys of all time….They are the Top 8 Coolest Fantasy Toys I want to play with. (more…)