What happens when a college birthday is interrupted by a balls out lightsabre fight in the heat of (weirdly enough) Blue Sapphire Gin shots? As if to say that when a youngling drops out of Jedi Force training, they may use their powers for something unimportant like having your sabre float back to your hand when the other youngling’s back is turned. Just so he can run him through.

Written by Max Landis, who’s father John directed movie greats American Werewolf in London and Michael Jackson’s Thriller, he is accompanied by Josh Trank on camera, who also has a filmmaker father. The 2 are working together on Chronicle, a “Blair Witch” style superhero series, but Stabbing At Leia’s 22nd Birthday is here now for you to see their ability.

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Every Lightsabre Ignition and Retraction


I immediately call shenanigans! While this video is supremely nerd cool, it isn’t Every Sabre ignite, or retract. 1st instance where I nerd out, the only other person to ignite Luke’s lightsabre; King of Cool Han Solo. On Hoth, slice the Taun Taun into a sleeping bag to hide Luke in and keep him from freezing to death. Theres also one more, but I don’t want to sound like a Nerd on such a kewl piece of tape someone spent such an obvious agonizingly LONG time on.

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Some of our favorite movies of marquee value over the last century have been extremely well acted, beautifully crafted and earned tons and tons of Oscar noms and wins. But we are forgetting a very crucial part of these films. Not the DP. Not the Grips. Not the Director or the small people involved behind the scenes that you never hear about, but something SO VERY CRUCIAL, the film cannot succeed without it.

What could it be, you must be asking yourself after the buildup I’ve created here. Here it is….The Sword. Yes, in any action film, fantasy or period piece, a good sword by the main character’s side is as important as a good actor…seriously. Here is a Top 10 List of The Most Badass Swords…If you got any of your own, throw them into the pot. (more…)